• Slonik

    I burst out laughing at work and nearly let out a fart when I reached the vows bit. Thank you.

  • http://vatul.net/blog/ Maitri

    Smiling. A lot. Coco’s destiny!

  • Anonymous

    Cute story! Thanks for a peek at something most of us might never experience. While I’m at it, I’m one of those folks who has been dead set against the sharing of young children’s experiences and photos coupled with their real names on the Internet, but lately, and I’m not sure why–maybe just because everyone IS doing it–it’s ceased to bug me, so I would like to say I’m sorry for previous critical remarks. I apologize, and you go! I enjoy your blog a lot.

  • http://www.the-head-family.blogspot.com Michelle

    We have a blue heeler and we buy those huge tennis balls from Petland and she herds it around our backyard. Our dog was born deaf so unfortunately the only herding she does is with the ball and our family when we’re out for a walk (I have a little blurb about it and pics on my blog)

  • http://pogonipnv.blogspot.com pogonip

    I love the idea of packing up and driving for an hour to herding lessons. I’m so there. The things we do for our dogs!

  • Anonymous

    the cutest story about 2 dogs is at http://www.puppiesandworms.com I cried

  • Terra

    Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Unless there were also alpaca involved (they look like the Ramones with their bangs, and all).

    Go, Coco! My golden retriever has no natural instinct for her breed. I’m pretty sure she’s afraid of ducks, and doesn’t really get the bringing it back part of retrieving.

  • Georgi

    Honestly, I just laughed harder than I have in a long time and I so needed it. You are so effing funny and are hands down the best of the best. I have two dogs also, and I see all the humor in Chuck and Coco that you do. Thank you for making me laugh so often.

  • http://libelletage.blogspot.com Lisa

    So funny, so so funny.

  • http://artjournaler.typepad.com/pomegranatesandpaper/ Loretta

    I hope you will look for some of Jon Katz’s books. He writes about dogs and owns two border collies. He used to take them to herd sheep and eventually, he bought a small farm – mainly to get sheep for them to herd.

    Border collies are incredible dogs who really are the happiest when doing what they are bred to do. Good luck!

  • http://www.missivesfromsuburbia.blogspot.com Missives From Suburbia

    If you ever need help boosting Leta’s vocabulary, let me know. My kid has the word “fucking” absolutely nailed, right on down to the context. You’ve never seen anything as surreal as a two-year-old playing with an alphabet shape-sorter who yells “fucking!” as he struggles to jam the “A” into the “B” slot. Well, then again, maybe you have. Since you’ve herded sheep.

  • laf
  • Anu

    Well…now that you’ve described your version of your sheep chasing, ass-slapping experience, Jon is free to give us his version. I hope there is a post very soon (more graphic details please) about the sheep ass-slapping on blurbomat :-)

  • Deb

    Hilarious! Thanks for the much needed laughter! We have a chocolate lab named Guinness and he would probably run away from the sheep :D He’s great in the water though! lol

  • http://.allAdither.com All Adither

    Oh, you guys are totally Doggie Whipped.

  • Anonymous

    Utah Sucks!

    But Huntsville is not a bad area. In fact, anything outside the major valleys is awesome.

  • Janet

    I have been waiting for this post since you posted the pic of Coco herding a few weeks ago. It is the coolest thing to see that ancient instinct kick in, isn’t it? I have two sheep crazy corgis, who unfortunately are stuck living with me in the city, and only get to see sheep a few times a year. See my cute little 6 month old puppy getting her first introduction here: http://www.tennlamb.com/index_files/Page856.htm

    She also herds ducks, which I find are much more my speed and very cute.

  • http://stefiny.wordpress.com/ Stephanie

    I laughed to the point of tears (and even a bit of drool) at this post!!

    PS – I love it when you call me “Internet” ;-)

  • Meg

    Go, Coco! :)

  • advance

    interesting article +1

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for writing that — it DID make a great break from everything else — even better than I had imagined! My breed’s so-called natural bred-for talent is cart pulling… I’ve had some that were naturals and others that were positive the cart was out to get them. In spite of that we’ve titled at dog-cart pulling in two countries. Also wanted to add that OUR zoo-going experience, one of those “let’s do something wonderful as a family” events?? EXACTLY LIKE YOURS, including the face down on the ground screaming hissy fit. Because he needed a drink and in the process and got a drop of water on his shirt… Because there was sunshine. Because the french fries were actually near a potato in the recent past (and so had some skin on one edge)… Because they didn’t have fizzy water…

    Kids are NOT for the faint of heart. I would NEVER, ever encourage anybody to do it… I would be whole-heartedly excited and supportive of anyone who DID decide to do it, but would never suggest that someone do it if they hadn’t come to the conclusion they wanted to already. And I also think you should have to get a license… Just to show that you are doing this ON PURPOSE.

  • http://justlizabell.blogspot.com/ Lizzy

    Ok I almost never laugh out loud when I’m reading blogs but this is damn funny. Please god, let me come across someone doing this. I live just north of Huntsville. My odds cant be that bad right?

  • bee

    “At this point Leta was sitting on a grassy spot and reading books about twenty feet from the group of us, and Coco was interested in nothing but her whereabouts.”


    Which is a good thing. :•D

  • http://www.modadimagno.etsy.com Lori Magno

    OMG! Dooce handspun sheep’s wool & Coco fur mittens on Etsy? I WOULD TOTALLY BUY THAT!

  • http://pimpajoentje.be Greet

    I love love love this entry :D I laughed out loud about seven times. My favorite sentence: “… and for all we know a cat got freaky with a deer and out popped a creature who can balance a beer bottle on his head.” Hilarious :D

  • http://www.larissagaston.com Larissa Gaston

    That must have been cool to see Coco take to the herding. A friend of mine has a herding dog that’s herded me into a corner many times – I will trust that her dog is just ‘advanced’ and that I don’t look like a crazed sheep. What an opposite Coco must be to Chuck, who while obviously not cool with sharing his bones, seems a little more laid back. The fact that you can get him to sit with a blue wig on – or a beer bottle or treats – amazes me. So cute. I know it’s all about Coco, but I love Chuck.

  • http://www.keepsakes-etc.com/throw-blankets.html Throws

    Good luck selling handmade clothes on Etsy.
    You’re a great story teller. – Thanks for another enjoyable post…

  • http://www.allconsuming.blogspot.com kim at allconsuming

    And my question to Jon is:


  • http://rarg.co.nz Elly

    Hahahahaha – posts like this make me giggle like a banshee. Cheers for sharing the experience!

  • http://dianedearmond.blogspot.com Diane DeArmond

    The way you describe this puts the images directly into my head, and I am laughing so hard the tears of streaming down my face. You have a gift with words. I love the story.

  • marty

    Funniest damned post ever! Thanks!!

  • michael

    I love your blog. Sounds to me like Coco already knew how to herd. That’s why she watches over Leta.

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    Laughing out loud. Literally. Wonderful post.

  • http://www.creativesarcasm.blogspot.com E!

    I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I think your new header is my favorite one and I’ve been reading this site for a loong time. :-)

  • http://www.realstlyerealpeople.com real style

    Go coco! That was a fun read!

  • http://sarahmichelef.wordpress.com Sarah

    “Because today Apple is announcing new products and Daddy is going to be doing A LOT OF TALKING.”
    Wow. Now I know how my husband feels.

    Poor Coco, wanting to protect a being that would rather she went of to herd sheep forever. And yes, you are raising a nerd. It’s pretty charming. (Says the parent who is the one reading to their kid on public transit every day.)

  • Anna

    Made me laugh out loud. Not fake internet LOL, but really laughing out loud. With a migraine. Thanks!

  • http://woolies.etsy.com Woolies

    OK, I’ve never even been to your blog before and I have tears pouring down my cheeks and my non-sheep-herding dogs want to know what’s so damn funny!

    Let me know if you get your backyard sheep, and start shearing them, I’ll buy the fiber.


  • http://buywatches.com.au/the-guide-to-buying-luxury-watches-online/ buy watches online

    I love your dogs. I think I even find them more interesting than my dogs. Haha…

    Only joking.

    Go Obama!

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    goto http://www.sittersocials.com and check it out! Let me know what you think if you end up using it!

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    LOLDEARGODTHANKYOU!! I’m dying right now, because of laughing so hard on top of the heartburn I somehow gave myself at dinner, but it’s so, SO worth it.

  • http://presenthistory.wordpress.com Melody

    At least – AT LEAST – the sheep did not chase you and slap your ass. There must be some dignity left in there. I’m not sure how much (I think they’re using the metric system to measure dignity these days) but some, surely.

  • http://www.ancathach.blogspot.com Green Of Eye

    Thank you for making me laugh aloud on this grey Sunday morning! My parents have border collies and it never ceases to amaze me when i get to see them in action. Put them near sheep or cattle and BOOM! Bona fide herder instinct kicks in. To the point of them ignoring everything except my fathers instructions. Fun to watch. Glad to hear that coco got on so well.

  • Anonymous

    If that isn’t love, WHAT IS?

  • http://asianmommy.com/ Asianmommy

    Haha! I love the part thrown in about etsy. :)

  • http://lifespatula.blogspot.com Spatula

    Dooce. Lady. Chica. Woman. You did all this, and NOBODY thought to record a video? What kind of a husband have you been raising?

  • Carol

    Coco is THE most beautiful creature

  • http://nuzzie.wordpress.com nuzzy

    Video. We need video.

  • http://www.mamaneedsabookcontract.com Heather Cook

    Awesome! Having owned border collies and competed in stock dog competitions (ok, 2 of them, lol) I can say that it’s a LOT of fun. Though I think you may have a hard time dressing like the regular stock dog folk. :)

  • LizAndrsn

    Sheep move faster when chased with knitting needles. And a drop spindle.

    I’m just saying….