• kj

    Love that Coco! This post reminded me of one of my favorite words:

    “funktionslust” – a German word meaning ‘pleasure taken in what one can do best.’

  • http://www.jillshalvis.com/blog Jill S.

    Our Aussie chases the three kids, running in circles around them, trying to keep them all together. Just for shits and giggles, sometimes we make the kids each stand in a separate room and call the dog’s name. It’s fun to watch her brain cells implode.

  • http://fishingaround.wordpress.com Fishing Around

    I would totally check out that Etsy shop.

  • http://bethalea.blogspot.com just beth

    i know it’s lame to comment that i’m laughing, but JEEZUS woman! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

    oh lord. tears, in my eyes.

    thanks, i needed that.



  • RJ

    As an expat Aussie who grew up on a sheep farm this story bought back so many memories……the joyous moments of arse slapping a sheep. Lucky for you they must have been clean cause I was waiting for the line in which involved looking down at ones hand and realizing that your hand now had a lovely smear of poop!

  • LauraLoo

    Thanks so much for this. I just had a really crappy day and was in major need of a hearty laugh. Glad I can count on you.

  • Anonymous

    We had 2 yorkies and they were super friends to the end- Cookie was hit by a car…long story…anyhow- Pepper was sad after Cookie died – but before that they were great friends and loved one another. They learned to hang out even though one was super jumpy and the other was calm and older. Check out this site http://www.puppiesandworms.com

  • Lisa-Marie

    For killer sheep look for the movie “Black Sheep” Don’t know how accessible it is in the states – it is a New Zealand flick – but it is all kinds of awesomeness! Check it out.

  • Lisa-Marie

    once again I have learned the lesson to READ the comments before MAKING the comment.
    Apologies for belabouring the pont – but it is indeed one ace film.

  • http://www.neurosa.com Gry

    I was going to recommend Black Sheep also, but #2 beat me to it. (And now I’m lol’ing, cause there are HOW MANY COMMENTS ALREADY?)

  • Heather-in-Australia

    Dude, check out the NZ zombie-spoof “Black Sheep”. It’s FUCKING HILARIOUS. The mint sauce bit damn near makes me pee my pants :) .

  • http://www.toothfairyrecipes.com/ Matin

    That was so funny, The bit you said about Jon talking about Apple products all day sounds so familiar, my hubby is exactly the same and i dont have the heart to tell him shut it:-) last night after listening to the news i made the mistake of asking about Hadron Collider, you now the thing that does something with protons, so then i had to listen to an hour detailed explanation of every quantom physics theory ever presented by man:-)
    Love your stories
    XX M

  • thejunebug

    Huntsville is just gorgeous! I used to live there. By the way, there used to be this FABULOUS mom & pop place in the Canyon… I forget the name of it. But they had the best milkshakes ever, and as of 2002, they were still open.

    Also, you should totally do what my parents did and take Leta to Devil’s Slide, then tell her if she looks down past the rail she’ll look straight into the depths of Hell. I was terrified of that rock formation for much of my formative years, till I figured out my parents were full of shit.

  • RaeRae

    Please Please Please post a photo of you slapping a sheeps ass.

  • Susy

    Watch the movie Black Sheep!!!! Killer sheep. Weresheep. Something for everyong!

    “Angus, you baaaaastard!”

  • Anonymous

    Vindictive sheep: horror movie…

    Been done :) Or at least, a song about it…. were you herding Fenton?


  • Sue

    You are just hysterical. I mean your writing is unbelievable. You are the stand-up comedian of the written word. Thank you for the laughs!

  • http://www.brotherandlittlebitty.blogspot.com Melany

    OMG. Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! Thank you for an early morning laugh to start my day.

  • Kay

    Totaly. Awesome.

  • Carrie

    Oh Heather, that is awesome! Thank you for sharing that great story and making me laugh this morning! Hysterical!

  • Laurie

    I LOVE watching dogs do what they love! We have something up here in Ontario called Flyball. I’m not sure if you have it in Utah. The dogs (every breed imaginable)run over about 4 hurdles as fast as they can,in a straight line, then press their paws on a contraption that puts a ball into their mouth. They then have to run back over the hurdles again, as fast as they can. The compete side by side with other dogs. I have tears running down my face every time I watch. It is so amazing to see dogs with that light in their eyes. You know they are SO happy. I have seen Great Danes’ do it, and even a pot bellied pig! But the best ones are alway Border Collies. You can tell it’s built in to them.

    I bet you were pretty chocked up when Coco found what she was meant to do.

  • Kelly

    What Melany said…Laugh out Loud funny at my desk — made my morning. Thanks Heather! Wish you were coming to our Cnd. Oct. Conference (reply from Katey, tks) more interesting design people confirmed, should be fun. Maybe the next one :)
    All the very best to you, Leta and Jon.

  • Diana

    Come on! Post the pictures already…we all know John had a camera with him!

  • http://teetotaled.com teetotaled

    Please tell me Jon secretly videotaped you slapping sheep ass and we will get to see it?! Please, please, please!

  • Jennifer

    I know exactly what you mean. We have a lab, and she loves her some frisbee, but her favorite thing to do is swim & retrieve. The hardest thing to teach her has been sitting and waiting (quietly) for her cue to go. Once she sees that dummy hit the water she goes nuts, whining and jumping around, then pretending to sit while she inches closer to the waters edge. When released it’s a streak of dog fur launching into the water, and once she’s back on land she wants nothing more than for you to throw the dummy again. It’s an awesome feeling to see your dog that happy.

  • http://retardedinlove.com Michelle

    Ah, people beat me to it. I was going to mention Black Sheep, the already-made vindictive sheep horror film. You should rent it sometime; it’s really quite terrible.

    But it’s not disappointing; a man sodomizes a sheep after he develops a cloven hoof, as you would expect.

  • Anonymous

    Jon… why didn’t you record Heather chasing the sheep… that way you could not only describe it to friends and family verbally but also show them. Heck, that would have replay value for years to come…even at Leta’s wedding reception some day.

    Oh the lost moments.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • http://www.itwillbefunny.blogspot.com Cathy

    I have to say, now that I’ve heard your voice several times on videos, I now hear it in my head while I’m reading your blog as though you’re narrating. Funky.

  • Keely

    *snort* Aw, good for her. Free reign to make sure everyone’s in one place.

  • Tori

    It’s always an awesome moment when they “get it”. Growing up we had an Australian Shepard and a ranch where we raised cows. We picked up Casey as soon as his mother would let him go and immediately took him home and set him in the cow pasture. He was 8 weeks old, about 15 pounds and totally unaware. He spent the month between coming home and my first day of first grade watching me chase cows. Separating the calves from the cows, moving them from pasture to pasture and working new cattle when they came to the ranch from the auction. In those 4 weeks he chased zero cows but spent a lot of time herding me from the house to the chicken coop. He herded me right onto the school bus on the first day of school and back home that afternoon when I came home.

    One afternoon we were separating cow calf pairs and I walked out to open up a gate to the back pasture and then opened the gate to the corral where the calves would go. Without any prompting Casey started separating the pairs and putting them right where they should go. After that, all we had to do was open a gate and he got where the cows were going and did his job.

  • http://danglingondumb.blogspot.com The Dunce

    My favorite line of the whole post – “This was exactly what my nightmares look like, except in those I’m usually wearing nothing but a Disney Princess diaper and have just been told that tomorrow I have an exam in a French class that I forgot I had signed up for.”

    I agree some pictures are in order! Hilarious stuff.

  • cris

    Yeah, you posted photos of Coco doing this but… PICS OF YOU OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!! :D

  • http://www.houseandhoundblog.com/ Deborah

    Love this post!

  • http://blog.shanparker.com Shan!

    I’m sure October’s header is in this post somewhere!

  • angie

    there’s a cartoon in the UK called Shaun the Sheep, it just cracks me up, occasionally Shaun does aerobics, complete with a headband – such a sensible sheep! i know, me and the under 5′s…so much in common.

    here are some clips: http://www.shaunthesheep.com/clips/view/26,

  • http://www.sixfeetunderblog.com Tess

    What a fun thing to do to get to know the pets in your life!

  • Chris G

    Oh God! I laughed so hard it hurt.

  • Sadie

    We had two shelties who herded us all of the time. We never had the opportunity to teach them how to herd sheep.

    My dream is to own a sheep farm. And a few Coco’s. :)

  • Shellie

    I have that dream ALL THE TIME! Not the princess diaper part, but the French class.

  • Diane

    I am not one to comment regularly but this post had me laughing so hard. Exactly the dose I needed! Thank you for sharing this story!

  • http://www.spriteskeeper.com Sprite’s Keeper

    My rat/yorkie 10 pounder herds my 40 lb beagle all the time. Then he humps her. (I should have left that last part out.)

  • Brandy

    Oh man, you just made my day. I have recently discovered this website and now find myself checking several times per day for a new entry! I am a farmer’s daughter and the visualization of you in a pen of sheep leaves me in a fit of a hysterical laughter. Thank you, for that.

  • Tara

    This was awesome. The image of you chasing the sheep and slapping their asses. . . well, that’s not going to leave me anytime soon.

    We took our purebred border collies for a quick herding lesson several years ago. One dog was too focused on my husband to be all that interested in the sheep, but our OTHER dog–man, it was something to see. He locked in on those sheep like a fleece-seeking missile and would not back down. Had we bothered to really get him some training, he could have been amazing, I think. And he would have loved it. (Don’t feel sorry for him that we didn’t do the training, though. This dog was equally enthralled with rubbing himself on the carpet to get off, if you know what I mean. Easy to please, that one.)

    Later, when I learned to knit, I had the crazy dream of “OH, we can get a small herd of alpacas, and the dogs can help us with them, and I can shear them and make really soft yarn and dye it and sell it and we’ll be so HAPPY!” My husband, much like Jon, put a quick stop to that, and I am grateful.

  • angela
  • http://greasy.com/meranda/ Meranda

    I have a chihuahua so we take trips to taco bell once in a while and slap taco’s.

  • Dyanna

    I’d totally buy a Dooce hand knit sweater, or a loomed rug of some sort. I’m just sayin’…

  • Mary

    Somehow I can totally picture you slapping sheep ass. Great story. Hysterical!

    Jon, got pictures?

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    “Internet, I chased sheep and slapped their asses.”

    Now there’s a line you don’t read everyday …

  • yo mama 2 one

    Bring CoCo to the dog run to annoy the other dogs and get her ass bitten by them.

    The herding DOG and it’s owner drives all the other dogs nuts.
    Dogs don’t like being herded, and coco will try to do that naturally. It is the funniest thing to watch.

  • http://www.aweebitskint.com bianca

    not sure why, but that made me gleefully happy for you. or coco. not sure which…