In celebration of That Awful Dog

This week marks Coco’s first birthday, and to celebrate I’ve gathered most of the Daily Chuck photos that feature her and set them to music. Consequently, this video also turned out to be a celebration of Chuck’s enduring patience. I know, I know, we’ve never done this for Chuck, but I intend to put one together next March to celebrate his seventh birthday. But don’t worry about Chuck, right now he’s lying on the couch eating a bologna sandwich.

Many thanks to Maker’s Mark bourbon for helping us survive a year of living with Satan:

(Soundtrack is “The Fear” by u-Ziq)

  • Talon

    Dear Heather, (okay, since MY name is Heather, but I go by Talon it still feels weird to type Heather to you…)

    Over the years I’ve read your blog I’ve sent you a few emails, some about your fish, some thanking you, some just to say hi, and commented on your posts…and may I just apologize for my overzealous manner of posting in the last open post you had? Thanks.

    Anyway,I believe you when you say that you read every comment, ever email that you get. And that always makes me feel good.

    This is a very long winded way of wanting to thank you for sharing your little shit, and your cat-deer with us, as well as your family.

    Two years ago, I had to make the horrible decision to let my Raven go. He was ten and a half (and bordered on being a giant breed, so…really he was an old man) and went into chronic kidney failure. This dog was my LIFE after my son died in 1997. And my daughter grew up with Raven as her “big brother” and never knew they weren’t blood related.

    I miss having a dog, but I’m too sick with my stupid disease, and too poor with my husband’s unemployment to commit to one, no matter how much I ache to have a dog back in my life. And…I still want Raven. My goo-goo puppy.

    Even today I miss him so much I could cry…but your pictures and posts about your dogs brings me alot of joy. So thank you. Thank you for having dogs and for loving them, and most of all for sharing them with the rest of your blog reading world.

    It means really alot to some of us.

  • maggiejiggs

    Actually, you haven’t even done this for Leta :)

  • Martha

    I am so sorry- while I know this was about Coco all i kept looking at was Chuck. I have said before (and will now repeat) i wish Chuck could morph into a human male.
    He is patient,kind,sexy,great looking,obedient!!,good temperment has great focus on the immediate task and can tolerate heckling.
    plus I see potential for a good/steady income.
    (?-chimney inspector?!)(clothing model)
    Cocoa wouldn’t be (starting) to turn into such a sweetie if it wasn’t for Chuck’s mentoring.(OK ya’all get some human credit)
    Time to write a “Chuck’s Book on Life”
    ………ohmygoodness Heatheranotherbook!

    I am waiting to see if yours will come to the Toronto Public Library

    The start of each day for me includes Chuck and girl.

    We are Fostering our 2nd dog (black Lab) for Dog Guides -hopefully to become a seeing eye dog-we might have him another 2-3 months.
    My life from now on will never ever be without a dog -silly isn’t it that a pup can make-my-life-complete? (even when there are really really bad days-it’s OK)

    Happy Belated to Cocoa…hugs to Chuck

  • Lisa

    Happy birthday, Satan. Many thanks for all the great material you provide on a weekly basis to lighten my days ; ) You are the proverbial brat that has to stake their claim because the older sibling (Chuck) is so great. Still think eating your own shit is taking it too far but guess there are no hard rules there…..

  • Lauren

    Happy Birthday Coco! I only hope my mini-Aussie turns out as cute as she has!

  • pogonip

    Happy Birthday, Coco! I wish you lots of doggy goodies to eat and a choice selection of nice odiferous substances to roll around in. Remember to play nicely and share with Chuck.

  • crazylovescompany

    There is so much love there.

  • J. Bo

    P.S. We haven’t heard anything about the 2009 Chuck calendar. PLEASE say there will be one, or I will be horribly sad.

    (Hey, you can even put the photo of him balancing the colander in the calendar– pun fun!)

  • Michael

    When evil is SO cute (and furry), who can fight it? Heather, that photo of Ms. Satan after her bath (where you see the true evil/cuteness in her eyes) needs to be made into t-shirts.

  • father muskrat

    i too love makers mark–probably a product of our growing up in tennessee.

    the pics of the dog are beautiful, even if her actions aren’t. and aren’t we supposed to care about what’s on the outside, anyway?

  • Megan

    Thank you for proving that someone takes more pictures of their dogs than I do! Now I feel that a montage, set to music, is in order for my dog…though it would never turn out to be half as magical as yours. Thanks for a great end to a crappy week (on my side)…even if Coco is a little shit she is adorable, which honestly counts for quite a bit =) Happy Birthday Coco! Can’t wait for Chuck’s birthday…the bologna sandwich may keep him quiet for now but he knows that you owe him one!

  • amyz5

    loved this. i have seen it done for kids (we jews love to do this for bar mitzvah, are you sure your dogs are not jewish) but never for pets.

    nothing beats that pink wig, except maybe for the pink pashmina.

    loved the ending.

  • Linda

    Aren’t dogs just the best? I love all your great pics of Coco and Chuck–but this photo montage tops it all!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and one more thing…this has nothing to do with your dog (well maybe), but my dog farts a lot…and guess what I found out? Farting is good for the soul. I thought you might find this either hilarious or disgusting…;_ylt=AidUZdmciGdexia5pUvJOxas0NUE

  • Husband Clothes

    Oh my, I’m a little jealous of Coco…

    Coco gets much more birthday attention than I do!

    he he:)

  • Gregarious Kat

    @Altissima(#9,32): You are right. It never occurred to me. That would totally make sense, I’ve read most of the early stuff, and Chuck came later. I had forgotten. Good call. Kat

  • Tara


  • Anonymous

    Too damn cute. So how did you all come up with her name Dame Eleanor Fitzsimmons Ritsford Puffs?

  • Lynda

    Happy birthday crazy little ball of fur and teeth!

  • …love Maegan

    so cute and just one year old!!!?!?! have another year and a half of crazy puppy antics and I’m sure I speak for all your viewers when I say “we can’t wait to see them” …fantastic song as well.

  • Ashleigh

    Cute overload!

  • keagansmom

    You have the cutest, cleanest dogs-that-don’t-look-like-dogs I’ve ever seen!

  • Marina Creed and Gus

    Not my home page but worth visiting, go to the puppies section.

    Your dog is part Swiss Mountain dog! We have a bernese mountain dog who has similar markings but different bone and fluff structure. He is very sturdy, coco is very delicate.

    what a cutie.

  • #99

    Good dog, Coco, now go and tell Mama and Daddy that you want a kitty for a birthday present!

  • Amy

    Seriously, she is the cutest dog ive ever seen. Definately worth all youve put up with.

  • Ted

    Your dogs are adorable!

  • Erin

    Love LOVE the one where Chuck has Coco on her back and her eyes are all wide and wild and her tongue is all flopped out to one side … she looks like the crazy hyena, Ed, from the Lion King and I can just hear her goofy laugh.
    Love your blog. Always.

  • Sarah

    lovely video.

    the last photo shows so clearly how uniform her face markings are, it’s incredible.

    thanks for sharing…

    give the little shit a kick up the duster from me :0)..oh, and a treat too!

  • Mindy

    Love that video! I especially love the picture of the two of them with socks on their noses =)

  • donna

    I LOVE Coco. We have a mini-aussie too and she believes our 2 boys are sheep. Her minuscule brain is able to hold only 3 thoughts: herd boys, tackle boys, pants boys. The kids are always half-naked. The dog. Of our dreams. From hell.

  • Mary

    Loved it!

  • Kelli

    Our dogs are probably twins, not in colour or shape, or even type of dog, but in their behaviours. It’s been a long 22 months for us. Lots of teeth gritting, fence mending, and silent cursing!

  • Wicked H

    Bow Wow Wow Wow Yippee-o Yippee-a.

    Happy Birthday Coco!!!

  • Katy

    Isn’t it annoying how they are impossible not to love? Here’s to many more years of fun for y’all.

  • Rachael W

    She may be Satan, but she is also a beautiful and photogenic dog! Happy birthday, Coco!

  • Daragh Mc Grath

    Heather & Jon,

    What an awesome tribute to a very cool dog! Keep the good work coming, looking forward to seeing next year already! :)

  • Lyla

    You know, I work 10 hour days surrounded by dogs and cats. When I get home and see the daily Chuck, though, I’m just as impressed with their cuteness as I am with the puppies and kittens that walk through the door. Your dogs are awesome.

    Happy Birthday, Coco!

  • Jessica

    Awesome slide show! I am getting my second rescue dog tomorrow–a Japanese Chin. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’s a good one!

  • SheSue

    I want a puppy! Do you wonder how you ever lived without him.

  • Jeanne

    When you put it like that, no wonder you love that damn dog.

  • phhhst

    Happy Birthday Coco! Cheers to the Maker’s Mark.

  • Dawn

    Looking at those photos, it’s hard to believe all of the bad stories you’ve ever old about her ;) Adorable!

  • Jill

    She is so cute, how can she be so evil?

  • Elea

    Like I tell my dog, “It’s lucky you’re cute!”

  • gorky

    I can’t believe how you malign that adorable and obviously angelic little dog.

  • mdawg

    Happy birthday, Coco! Party like a rockstar! Or? Cover the living room with toilet paper! Whoohoo!

  • val cox

    what a beautiful celebration, nicely done!

  • Rach

    I thought at the end after it said Happy Birthday you were going to say “you little bitch”…it would have been mean AND correct all at the same time.

    “Little shit” works too…I’m just sayin.

  • Soyviz

    Great video! You should make a book of Coco and Chuck and include the stories you have about them. Lots of people (like me) would buy it. Plus all the wonderful pics of them, too.

  • Lisa W.

    What a pair of angels! Love and kisses to Coco and Happy Birthday Miss Priss!