In celebration of That Awful Dog

This week marks Coco’s first birthday, and to celebrate I’ve gathered most of the Daily Chuck photos that feature her and set them to music. Consequently, this video also turned out to be a celebration of Chuck’s enduring patience. I know, I know, we’ve never done this for Chuck, but I intend to put one together next March to celebrate his seventh birthday. But don’t worry about Chuck, right now he’s lying on the couch eating a bologna sandwich.

Many thanks to Maker’s Mark bourbon for helping us survive a year of living with Satan:

(Soundtrack is “The Fear” by u-Ziq)

  • Dogs

    First video – Nice job. You had two great subjects to work with.

  • nicky linzey

    Yes she is naughty but you wouldn’t want a boring dog would you?! Happy Birthday Coco & love to Chuck xx

  • Tammy

    Happy b-day, Coco! Great video – what a sweet tribute. Hope Chuck isn’t jealous. Check out my latest disaster!

  • Malita

    Um next post the name of that song perchance?? Cause you completely got me hooked on Fleet Foxes!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Heather,

    I thought the quote by John Scalzi was a good one, and though this is an article by a Mormon fiction author, Orson Scott Card, I did think that he had a good piece. I don’t know if you’ll like it or hate it :) :

    PS-Also, I thought that it was helpful for those women to speak out on their experiences. Personally, I really think that the best thing would be to redefine a pregnancy that actually endangers the mother, and not to call it an abortion at all, but a life-saving surgery, etc, so as to keep the two things separate. The laws should specify it as something separate. They really shouldn’t be categorized together, as one is a choice for “comfort” and the other is really a health issue.

  • Seren

    Happy birthday Coco! I love the pics of her with Chuck. He obviously loves his little sister and she loves him too. Awww! They’re both lovely.

  • coffeemomma

    Thank god I’m not the only weirdo who makes videos of my animals. And I mean weirdo in the best possible way.

  • LanaWood

    I love the awful dog, she has such a precious face, and I love how cute the pictures are with Chuck.

    I too have a very bad pet who drives me insane, and who I love with all my heart. She has an official name, just like Coca, but I usually call her “No,No Bad Kitty!”

  • Katie

    It’s funny because I thought Chuck looked a little puppyish at the beginning of the video — then I remembered the post you did in Daily Chuck recently where he’s going a little grey. Coincidence?!

  • Kim

    Happy b-day Coco! She is lucky she’s so cute after the year you’ve had with her. Loved the video … have watched it twice already! Adore Coco and the ever patient Chuck!

  • Anita Doberman

    Great video! Really cheered me up given that ever since I came out speaking in support of Obama as a military writer I only receive horrendous messages and emails ….video cheered me up :) thank you for sharing always entertaining :)

  • andrea

    Despite her satanistic ways, she is pretty damn cute. Happy Birthday, Li’l Darlin’!

  • Scott

    Nice photo slide show. Chuck deserves an Animoto dot com slide show. The link in my name is for one I did for my daughter’s soccer team. The music is a Porcupine Tree song.

    I honestly don’t work for the Animoto people (but I am a customer), I’m just a computer nerd. Thanks for such an entertaining website. :-)

  • JamieLauren

    Happy Birthday Coco!

    I have had my dog, Caesar, a Miniature Pinscher, for 10 years. He’s finally calm and quiet. Then I decided to adopt two kittens. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!? I’m not a cat person but I fell for them because they were brother and sister and each missing one eye. Her the right, him the left. Now we refer to them as the “one-eyed monsters” and they’re destroying my house and everything in their fuzzy little path and the dog just keeps looking at me as if to say, “What did you DO???”

  • how to beat depression

    Coco – I love you. And a secret, even a little bit more than Chuck!

    Great video!

  • Cassie

    It is official. I love your dogs as if they were my own.

  • Jodie

    I love the photo montage of Coco and Chuck. She’s really grown up this year. I loved her as a puppy but she’s a beautiful “little shit” now. We just had to say good-bye to my 18.5 year old Blarney, a Jack Russell terrier. You talk about a little shit. I remember his awful puppy antics! Humping everything… it was a bit embarassing to have company.

  • Monnie

    You did a great job of showing Coco’s growth from puppy to dog. She looks downright regal in some of the shots. Lil Miss Attitude. I especially love seeing her doing what she was bred to do. Aren’t dogs are the best?

    Happy Birthday Dame Coco!

  • Anissa@Hope4Peyton

    Yeah, Satan is pretty loveable.

    BTW, in case a thousand people haven’t already screamed it in your face, did you see your cute write up in Hybrid Mom as “Heather Johnson”? Nice new pseudonym…no one will ever know.

  • Kristina C.

    Tooooo Cute!!! (Wish I had the energy and patience to have a Coco!)

  • Jennifer Suarez

    Nothing short of adorable. You and Jon are amazing photographers. Happy bday Coco!!!

  • anise

    what happened to the white eyebrow/whiskers she had above her eyes when she was a puppy? do those naturally fall out?

  • Tongxunshe

    Too cute

  • Fishing Around

    a little shit but such a sweet sweet face

  • cj

    So cute. I’d get a dog if I could guarantee that kind of cuteness.

  • Christina

    Beyond awesome.

  • Karen Delaney

    They look like an adorable married couple toward the end. It’s the paw she always has on him, I think…and maybe the way she drags him around by the collar.

  • Kate

    She may very well be Satan, but damn is she cute!

  • Lee

    Happy birthday Coco–
    It has been fun watching this crazy dog…But I have a question…Have you found any of Coco’s babyteeth around your home??? When we were going through the 1st year with our Tucker, we kept finding his babyteeth that had fallen out when he was chewing on something or playing with his tug toys…I was just wondering because it can be kind of strange finding these teeth on the floors of your house….

  • laurie


  • kathleen

    “you little shit” hahhahah

    nice video. you have two of the cutest pups ever.

    good song choice to boot.

  • Lauren

    As long as Chuck has the bologna sandwich, all is at peace in your household.

    Also, I just realized that I don’t know how to spell bologna.

    Coco is beautiful, happy birthday to her :)

  • Carol Ann

    Coco is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen.

  • HumanMama

    so sweet. you are a great dog AND human mama.

  • thleen

    way too cute and awesome….both Chuck and Coco.
    Happy Birthday, Coco!

  • Catootes

    A wonderful Coco montage! Are you certain Highway to Hell wouldn’t have been appropriate?

    Thanks for the viewing.

  • Tina

    you little shit…LMAO.
    Kisses Coco!!! happy birthday!

  • Lauren

    LOL ALSO! I love how she looks all angelic in most of these, but we all know better.


  • Craig

    That totally made my Monday.

  • Gregarious Kat

    Didn’t Chuck turn seven years old this year? I just remember the “memorial page” and everyone thought he had died. But, I was just saying…if he’s eight, he gets more goodies. And if you’re like me, you keep track of more important things based on how old your pet is. Like did I graduate college in 01 or 00. Hmmmm we got the cat in 01, so that was my graduation present. Oh, and something else happened that year, oh yeah, we got married. Love you Dooce and your political talk too. I am totally hooked on Uppercase Woman that one of your commenters recommended. Have a great week.

  • Charlie Hills

    I really wish I could have come up with two dog names as awesome as that.

    And Lauren, you can’t spell bologna? Just remember the song. “Cuz Oscar Mayer has a way with B O L O G N A!”


  • Fern

    That was a great way to start a Monday. Thank you for being so creative, intelligent, funny, clever, artistic, blah, blah, blah.
    From an adoring fan in NJ.

  • Lauren

    Haha, thank you, Charlie for the reminder! I just kept typing balogna and kept thinking, “No that’s not right! Maybe if I re-type it in the exact same way, it’ll look correct.”

  • Living Sexy Now

    Yeah, she’s a handful but adorable. Reminds me of our new dog we adopted about a month and a half ago. Thank goodness dogs are cute or we’d have to strangle them for half the crap they pull. :)

    BTW–love that song playing during the video.

  • Rachel

    Are you sure it’s Coco’s birthday? Because a doggie photo montage sounds like a birthday gift to ME.

  • Yecats


  • Thinky

    Happy birthday, Coco!

  • Kim L

    Oh Heather, despite all of the stories…. I want one! Happy birthday, Coco.

  • Adiel

    I can always see why people buy dogs. It’s cos they’re really cute with they’re puppies. Then they grow up.

  • Jeanne

    Happy Birthday, Coco!!!! Be sure to get all the cake and don’t share ANY with Chuck!!!!