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Bump watch begins

The bump at 12 weeks: Before you get all skritchy and start yelling that this is not at a bump by any stretch of the imagination, let’s compare this to the bump at 15 weeks from my pregnancy with Leta: Could someone please tell the woman in that photo to put some sunscreen on? Also, [...]

Momentary bliss

Yes, I know, you want to send me advice about morning sickness. Thing is, I’ve been through this before, and I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. These sour Altoids that I have sitting on my desk give me temporary relief in the sense that for about four seconds when the candy dissolves on my tongue I’m [...]

It’s so much work being this neurotic

He let her have the bone and now there’s nothing to do except daydream about mascara.

Vintage children’s books

This copy of Petunia by Roger Duvoisin is from an Etsy shop called Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves, a store full of old and amazing children’s books including classics like Green Eggs and Ham. I love the idea of this, recycling old books, and I can’t think of a better way to save money [...]