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And I just happen to know that today is her birthday

My friend Sarah turns He’s Just Not That Into You into a drinking game and hits upon this fantastic insight into what it means to be American: There was this one great scene, though, when Jennifer Aniston had to walk a dog down the aisle in a coral satin bridesmaid dress, smirking and hurting, head [...]

Whoever invented pink needs a wet finger in his ear

A few weeks ago Leta and I went shopping for new dresses, and I made sure to hold each one up to her in the store and ask, “Are you sure you will wear this one?” She was so enthusiastic in the store that I didn’t think we’d have any problems, but when we got [...]

Family recipe

Turns out if they stick to your dog, the noodles are done. Foolproof way to a bowl of good pasta. Be sure to de-hair before serving.