• http://www.theposhpreneur.com Clarissa Nassar

    she is adorable as heck! love those big brown eyes!! what a cute pie…farter and all :)

  • Lauri

    That is classic – she’s definitely fitting right in – once again, you manage to capture the best of what life has to offer. That’s real and that’s sooooo funny. Thanks for sharing…

  • http://bedbyday.wordpress.com Val

    Poops and burps: This kid’s got class. I think she might be looking for more intellectual stimuli like lectures on string theory or a performance of Hamlet

  • http://modadimagno.blogspot.com Lori Magno

    That was pure awesome. What a face!

  • http://www.survivethemayhem.com SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem

    Just wait, Heather… with the second one time flies even faster and before you know it your baby will go from adorable burps to loud toddler belches in which it becomes required to say “exscuse me”. Of course, this too is cute.

  • linuxchik

    nice out!

    p.s. i hope that tv-crew person in the ‘alien invasion’ photo was as cute from the front as he is from the back.

  • http://www.amymusings.com Amy in Ohio

    So all these years you’ve just been saying “hello”??

  • Carrie

    I keep watching this over and over and cracking up. Her timing is perfect! She is adorable.

  • Holly

    Had crappiest day ever.. until I saw that and it made me smile and laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing. She’s beautiful.

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    Oh little sweet burping baby! So awesome.

  • http://www.babylovingmama.com Emilie

    Love it!

    Isn’t it amazing how cute a burping baby is? I swear, they can get away with anything and it looks adorable!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Robert Boone is cute. I want him.

  • http://marriageconfessions.com Katie

    I have a video just like this only my baby spit up almost an entire 8 oz. of milk. It was awesome.

  • http://www.lovemaegan.com …love Maegan


  • http://www.curlynel.blogspot.com Chanel


  • http://www.brightboldbeautiful.blogspot.com Laura Trevey

    so cute!!

  • http://allthingsmamma.com Kasey@All Things Mamma

    Oh she is just adorable! I love that age. They really start to show their personalities – AND who they resemble! : )

  • http://www.businessminder.net Aaron @ Internet Business

    Loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathy

    She looks a little like Leta here. She’s so beautiful, and I love her little cheeks!

  • http://ellabellamozzarella.blogspot.com/ Rabea

    What an adorable little cutie!

  • http://notbychoice.tumblr.com/ Kristina

    I seriously thought she was going to pronounce crayon “crown,” I swear.

  • http://www.tammytalksalot.com Tammy

    That… was so fabulous!!!! Love it!

  • Attilla the Mum

    That MAN-SIZED belch came out of that tiny baby? Naw, you must’ve had Jon stashed to the side out of camera range. Nice throwing of the voice, Jon! She. Is. Adorable.

  • Jenn

    Did those eyes turn brown? Ah.

    Your kids are both adorable.

  • Sher

    Holy smokes, she looks a heck of a lot like Leta when she was little.

  • http://turkeypony.blogspot.com/ Kylee

    Nice one, Miss Marlo!

  • http://scrappinjenny.blogspot.com Jennifer

    That. Was. AWESOME.

  • Erin

    Was that a fart or a burp? A fart I think – and a cuter farter I’ve never seen!

  • http://labradoris.weebly.com/blog-entries.html Labradoris

    She didn’t know this was her television debut…

    …or did she?


  • Michelle

    Adorable! Can I have her?

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    Looks like her daddy and burps like her mommy. Nice. ;)

  • http://youshouldonlyknow.com Erica

    She’s so cute. Looks like a cross between Leta and a Kewpie doll. With gas.

  • KathyM

    (and who would have thought burping could be so cute?) :-)

  • Lydia

    Classic. You can’t help but giggle at something like that.

  • dooce

    It was a burp. An after-dinner burp.

  • http://www.speakbettergrammar.com Vander Kitten


    Our dog burped last night, at it was the cutest, strangest thing I’d ever seen.

  • http://37pence.org Lauren

    She’s so adorable! Even when she’s passing gas ;) . And she has such ROUND features – eyes, mouth, CHEEKS!!!

  • Melissa

    My 8 month old only seems to let out a good, hearty belch when a stranger is leaning over him in Walmart, saying, “Aren’t you such a handsome little man.” BUUUURRRRPPPP!!! You can’t help but laugh.

  • Sara

    that is priceless!

  • http://bethstecher.blogspot.com Beth

    Champion burper. You have to be proud of that! I especially love your giggle after she does it.

  • Heather

    Stinkin’ awesome. I love when they burp loudly in public. I don’t care who you are, you have to laugh.

  • TwirlyGirlie


  • Erin

    An after dinner burp? So you’re lucky you didn’t get any on ya!

  • http://www.ieatmypigeon.wordpress.com Liv

    “gurgle.” So cute!

  • http://www.areyoubreathing.com/ Wendy

    Oh my!

  • Leah

    Obviously she’s just a genius. She saw your baby talk and raised you a huge juicy burp. Well played, Marlo, well played.

  • http://irritableblogsyndrome.typepad.com Dayna

    Nice…veryyyyy nice. Ha!

  • http://5280dad.blogspot.com/ David Gannon

    LOVE IT! how they know they are being filmed, and how they DON’T KNOW that their parents will use this against the later in life, i don’t know.

    If you have time, check out OUR version of this.


  • http://expatriare.blogspot.com/ Katya

    She’s a frog! A very cute and adorable frog!


  • http://swedishpankakes.blogspot.com Swedish Pankakes

    Glad she didn’t let us down…