• Hailey

    I love you a little more than I did yesterday, and that was a lot after you made me cry watching the video of your girls. You and Jon must have so much fun and laugh hysterically together, because that was awwwweesome!

  • Kate

    That is the first time I’ve smiled all day (3 kids with a vomiting bug!!) – thanks for that!! I had shingles and a small baby too, it was hard work. Hope it’s not too painful for you.

  • http://www.karmaspot.wordpress.com Jenniger

    Thank you for the morning laugh. You are hysterical. Laughter is a known healer so jazz hands away!

  • http://www.ramblingbrooke.com Brooke

    Hahahaha…That may be the creepiest funny video I have ever seen. I can only imagine the process of making that. The lighting was paramount in creating the creepiness, I think. Well done.

    I hope your SHINGLES! get better. That’s right up there with the weird ailments my fiance comes down with. Like the time his toes blew up like balloons, and we were all sure he had an infection from the gym showers. But, no, he had FROST BITE. From, uh, walking from the car to the house?

  • Rebekah

    Heather, you are my HERO! I love how you handle the craziness that gets thrown at you whether it is internet trolls or SHINGLES! or the unspoken private trials of your life. You are AWESOME and I think your attitude is great. As for the video, it was funny and a little disturbing, but in a really entertaining way. Thank you. :)

  • Sue


  • Lauren Ursillo

    Terrifying, yet I couldn’t look away. I hope you feel better ASAP!

  • Jenifer

    omg! my 2yr old will not stop screaming…not out of fear but because he loves this video so much! when I play it for him, he totally does the whole “shingles” with you and waves his arms around wildly while my innocent little 5 month old is smiling sweetly at the screen…I wonder what she’s thinking? Oh, probabably just how much she loves dooce and how much she wants to thank her for helping her mommy recognize the symptoms of ppd before it was too late…you’re loved by many, take good care of yourself girl! xoxo

  • Vicki in NC

    I’m scared. Hold me.

  • Kate

    HAHAHAHA! That was disturbingly hilarious. I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Man, our dog barks up a storm every time the doorbell rings or there’s knock. I’m sure you’ve got a plan but I thought I’d tell you what we did. We just picked a day and saturated her with doorbell rings and knocks until she got so used to it, she stopped freaking out. There was this whole “Cesar Milan-esque” reward program for when she didn’t freak out, but it really was just the repetition that did it. Haven’t had a problem since. Squirrel sightings on the other hand…not quite sure how to work that out.

  • http://captaincondi.blogspot.com n0name28

    Don’t know if you’ll see this given you have a humongous buttload of comments, but I’ll try anyway. :)

    My son Wonderboy broke out in a HORRIBLE case of target lesions when he was 9 months old. We took him to the doctor who was just as perplexed as we were. The short of it was, he is allergic to the chicken pox virus (just like me) and had reacted to coming in contact with chicken pox. Which led to him getting a most awful case of chicken pox. His doctor said it was almost completely unheard of for a child under a year to get chicken pox and blamed it on being allergic to the virus that causes it. Not sure how old your baby is but thought I’d throw that out there.

  • The Loud One

    !!!HATE ALERT!!!

    Hellooooo No. 100.

  • http://so-yun.livejournal.com Mary

    lol that is toooooooooooooooo funny

  • Brandie

    While I found the video hilariously disturbing, my 3-year-old daughter found it just hilarious. We had to watch it three times. She laughed and laughed and laughed. Now she’s yelling at me: “Mom! I want to do those silly songs again!” And away we go.

  • RD

    Well, I’m not quite sure what this was all about. But I am going to save it and show it at my kids’ Halloween party. That should set the stage for SCARY!

  • Kim

    SHINGLES! is the exact opposite of the Leta & Marlo love video. I love the contrast. Also, I’ve never seen a more terrifying/hilarious version of jazz hands. Thanks for the terror/laughs.

  • http://mommyiamhome.blogspot.com Karen

    OK, I’m scared now. That video was a little too Blair Witchy for me…

  • http://thatsnotgreat.typepad.com BethanyWD

    Great. Now every time I say “SHINGLES!” I’m going to have to do Jazz Hands, too.

    BTW, I had shingles about 10 years ago (at 24), and while yes, it hurt pretty badly, I recovered well and have not had a re-occurrence. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Rebekah

    Oh also, I completely agree with the pp who said to try doggy daycare if you haven’t yet and can afford to. We have two Great Danes who were destroying everything in the house because of all the pent up energy that we couldn’t run out of them, no matter how long we spent in the park at night. Once we tried doggy daycare they chilled out. Good luck with Coco – I know that animals, as sweet as they can be, can add major stress to life, too.

  • leah

    those are spirit fingers not jazz hands! ;)

  • http://www.catholicdems.blogspot.com Imanitsud

    Dude, you’ve got kojones. I love it! You of course realize you’re just going to fuel the fire of the haters out there. I can totally see this on the evening news, and oh that won’t be pretty then. I thought it was so funny I was laughing out loud, but coming from ultra-conservative Indiana like I do, I can hear people already talking about it. More power to ya, Dooce. Here’s hoping whatever it is that was so rotten you can’t write about it evaporates quickly. Have a good one.

  • http://www.thatneighbour.blogspot.com thatneighbour

    I just watched that at work with the sound off.


  • Stacey G

    Way to get all your closet readers to comment! Love your blog. Hilarious video. I’ve been reading since ’04. First comment ever. You rock. Thanks.

  • http://beyondthewindow.wordpress.com beyond

    HA! this kind of awesomeness is why i’ve been a faithful reader ever since you were pregnant with leta.

  • Jennifer Clark

    Wow. Heather, you looked totally demonic. I’m very disturbed now…..

  • kaija

    i almost just pissed myself from holding back from laughing out loud. at work. and i live in latvia, where public displays of joyousness are not readily condoned.

  • Kendra

    That was seriously disturbing….in a “I love it” kind of way. Feel better.

  • Anonymous

    I have no words



  • Kate

    Brilliant. I needed that!

  • http://home-aholic.com/ Sue, The Home-Aholic

    i loved that the music was sort of a mix of horror film/porn flick. can’t go wrong with that.

  • http://corkscrewcurls.wordpress.com/ Kim

    Somehow jazz hands (and you’ve definitely made your own version of them – and I like it) make everything seem okay. Or, at least, they make things feel better. You can also try wrapping one of your arms around your back, hooking your hand on your waist (I accidentally wrote waste. Ew…) whilst tapping your fingertips along your hip bones. That is soooo Fosse. I believe that will help, too. The Fosse version is more subdued though so you might try that one before bedtime.
    BTW, sorry to hear about your shingles. I hope they clear up soon.

  • Lynne

    Bwahahaha!!! Funniest thing I’ve seen all week!!

  • http://www.bitemenewengland.blogspot.com janis

    You are crazy, but so what. That video was really disturbing but I knew that going in and I still hit the button to watch it. What does that make me?

  • http://corrinrenee.com Corrin

    Totally showing that to the neighborhood kids when they come trick or treating.

  • Kathy

    I feel your pain. I had a raging case of SHINGLES! when I was 16! Dr. told my mom “unusual for someone so young…usually hear of it in nursing homes”. Ummmmmm, thanks? It gets better and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Nancy

    I was too scared to watch the video. However, I have a suggestion for Coco . . . seriously, have you considered a shock collar? Friends of mine have the world’s worst westie and they tried a shock collar after the neighbors threatened to call the police if THEY DIDN’T SHUT THE DAMN DOG UP! It worked .. he’s now a very nice quiet westie.

  • http://theatricalmilestones.blogspot.com charlotte


    Oh God, I think I just made jazz hands over here–right in the middle of a big-ass meeting.

    Your crazy, it is contagious. In a good way.

  • http://calmasthemoon.typepad.com allielune

    Your spooky jazz hands reminded me of this video:

    Bat for Lashes
    What’s a girl to do?

    Hope you feel better soon Dooce!

  • http://willthink4wine.com Barb – WillThink4Wine

    Your SHINGLES Jazz Hands video was incredibly inventive and creative and bizarre and surreal. Best of all it made me think “That’s what Cruella DeVille might have as a nightmare on Halloween Eve”. ;-) Well done! bwahahahaha!

    Seriously though? Tweet Cesar. He’d probably LOVE to have to as a celebrity guest on The Dog Whisperer and it would make a great post for your blog, too.

  • Ania

    Michele Rebeiro Yoakum Mcbee terrorizes lots of bloggers, not just Dooce. She is seriously one fucked up individual.

    She has a few emails you can reach her at




  • http://www.thatpatti.com Patti

    I had a mild case of SHINGLES! once, and I met up with some friends at a karaoke bar. I sat down, and they yelled, “WHAT’S UP?” over the loud music, and I yelled “dude, i’ve got SHINGLES!” over the….silence that suddenly appeared as the song ended.


  • http://nikkiandnat.blogspot.com nikki

    Dude, i am absolutely crying/dying over that video. I’m up here snorting and waking my baby up and the nanny thinks i’m a quack.

    Let me maintain the image that you filmed this right in front of your house with Coco making that same face through the front window?

  • Kathleen

    Oh my word, Heather! You’re the best! Thanks for the laugh.

  • http://blog.sailorscorpio.com/ Meredith

    First off, I’m sure your haters are going to be swarming all over this post like a plague of locusts. Seriously? I have a blast reading your hate mail/ messages because I’m always amused at how people stop and take the time to be hateful — it’s like reading the comments section of an AOL article, only with a little more spell-check going on. I don’t get that, though. The whole mentality of “you’re not worth my time, but I’m going to take the time to tell you so” just blows my mind. And I promise that one of these days I’m going to have a field day with the ads — because it’s not the haters who’ll be clicking, it’s the ones laughing at said haters. ;)

    Good luck with Coco. I’d almost recommend she and Leta join a 4H group, but I’m guessing 5 is a little too young to start that (I was 11 when we started that with my then-puppy, Buttons). As for the issues on the other side of the boundary, I’m thinking happy thoughts for you.

  • Kirsten

    Omygawd – way to make lemonade. And listen, I had chicken pox when I was 3 or 4 months old. My mom worked in a dr’s office and he didn’t believe a baby could get them that young, but sure enough…IF the littles get them, the younger they are, the fewer the pox. So Mom says I had less than 1/2 dozen spots. Of course there was one that rubbed when I sucked my bottle (allergic to Mom’s milk), and that’s a nice little pock mark…

  • Anonymous

    Ohmigod you’re right; Googling shingles images was my worst decision of the day. A penis!

    I think you should start calling it HERPES ZOSTER!

    On another note, I keep clicking over to the Hate site for a good laugh or two, but it just makes me sad. For everybody.

  • Erica R

    HAHAHAHA! I have been sick for a week now and that is the first time I have laughed. Not just laughed, I have tears going down my cheeks, I am also coughing up a lung now, but soooo worth it! That was FANTASTIC!!!! I LOVE it!!!! Thank you!

  • Chriss

    OMG Caitlyn #6 I, too, watched it in silence and was sure that the silent version much be more frightening then with sound.

    However I will be checking on this theory tonight with the sound turned up.

    Excellent vid Dooce- just in time for Halloween!

  • http://www.pdb0712.blogspot.com Paula

    I’m caught between, my gosh that was scary and I loved it!

    Re: first paragraph…Hope everything is okay or at least turns out okay and that your week gets better.