• Al

    That made my stomach hurt. And also reminded me of this b*tch cheerleader from HS. I like you more…

  • http://www.lorrella.com Laura

    That is perhaps both the most disturbing and hilarious video I have ever seen. It tops Charlie the Unicorn for sure!

  • http://memeopolis.blogspot.com/ Amanda

    That is the most hilarious/terrifying thing I have ever seen.

  • http://smithsoccasional.wordpress.com Laura in Cincinnati

    I think this was playing on the big screen last time I was at the Goth club. Along with Nosferatu. Bless your little heart – feel better soon!

  • meaganhtfld

    makes me wish i had shingles

  • http://closetnarcissist.wordpress.com abi

    Whoa. Never have jazz hands looked so thoroughly deranged.

  • Lindsay

    Dude…that just scared the bejeezus out of my four year old. Love it.