• Angela

    Ha ha ha I cannot stop laughing!

  • #99

    Well, at least your nails look pretty!

  • Lauren

    I showed this video to my Year 3 (7&8 year old) class today, it made a bunch of kids cry and no doubt I will have a ton of parents complaining tomorrow about how I gave their children nightmares.

    Thankyou Dooce, for making my day just that bit more bearable. I laughed so hard at their reactions (no really, I truly did) and it serves them right for being a bunch of nightmares. Now it’s their turn!

  • http://www.mysweetchaos.com Ariana

    I’ve never commented but had to today. My 6 year old was in the room when I hit play and started CRACKING UP as we watched that. Oh my gosh that was the funniest thing ever! She’s now sitting next to me begging me to play it again and saying, “shingles!!”.
    So freaking funny.

  • http://www.JenniferSuarez.com Jennifer Suarez

    I’m 32 years old and I got shingles last year. I know how much they suck.

    If you want to see how they progress check out the photos I took of mine:


    WARNING: Images might make you hurl

    The Bright Side: After all the grossness, I have only very faint scarring.

  • Anonymous

    You are so funny… :)

  • http://choosetoshine.blogspot.com H to the Izzo

    OMG, yes, the coloring=crazy. The darkness behind your eyes and mouth-eeek.

    I laughed so hard at my desk just now I cried. That’s not at all what I was expecting, but totally better.

  • http://longislanddailyphoto.blogspot.com/2009/03/garden-gnomes.html Lily Hydrangea

    I pray every day your Shingles goes away quickly.
    I am glad to hear your sense of humor is still intact despite all your stress.
    When my son was a toddler. He had chronic exczema that lasted for years. We tried everything. One day, (at my wits end) I decided that no matter how bad it gets I vowed we would laugh as much as we could every day. I swear to you it was a turning point in his exczema getting better. Laughter is the best medicine.
    & Your video is hysterical. Thanks for making me laugh!

  • Christy

    You are such a nut. In a good way. Watched it twice and laughed harder the second time. Love it.

  • AJ

    Watching this video gives me the same feeling as watching the part of Mulholland Drive when the two guys are in the diner and then they walk around the back of the diner and the scary homeless dude is standing there.


  • Kate

    You are awesome & I love your SHINGLES! jazz hands. And anytime you want to do a HERPES! dance (in honor of the virus that causes SHINGLES!), I will love that, too.

    Stay strong, Heather!

  • Stepn TN

    wow…you should totally take a still image of that video and make it your banner for October. Very frightening, lol!

  • Anonymous

    I was in a very sour mood due to some news today, and could not pick myself up. Saw your post, didn’t even listen to the video – but watched and was just laughing out loud so hard, that I’m sure I’ve been classified as PMSing since I was just crying a hour ago and now laughing like a lunatic.


    Save a spot for me in the looney bin, I’ll bring the booze. :)

  • erislaughs

    holy jesus christ that was funny/scary/intense/ridiculous. kind of amazing, and peepantsing.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe check in with the doctor to see if your meds need adjusting again would be a good idea. I imagine not as many find you amusing anymore may be one of the problems.

  • Cara Wahlgren

    Jesus Christ that was so funny it took every effort and required intense focus and concentration on my part to keep a bored, somewhat dazed look on my face as I watched this instead of busting out with guffaws to keep my boss from realizing I was not in any way working.

  • Ami

    Wow. After watching that video, I spent a good 15 minutes sitting on the floor, sucking my thumb and promising myself it would be OK. Seriously disturbing…I love it.

  • http://www.corico.etsy.com corico

    Those are NOT jazz hands, my pretty . . .

  • http://www.margaretslifeintransition.blogspot.com Margaret

    AHAHAHAHAHA. Ohmygoodness that was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day, and I’ve been on awkwardfamilyphotos.com and peopleofwalmart.com. You ARE a loony loonball, but somehow I can follow you where ever you go. What does that say about me? Hope you feel better soon!

  • Alison

    I’m scared (OMG the video) and sympathetic in equal measure – you poor thing.

    I had shingles when I was 7 months pregnant. It made my doctor so very very annoyingly happy, because they can diagnose it really easily. Never had it since, in 13 years. *crosses fingers*

    IT WILL PASS. Just not quickly enough. :(

  • http://www.funnyisthenewyoung.com Leah Rubin

    Yeah, forget the grandparent thing… I got shingles at 33 and two weeks later to the day my five-year old broke out in a massive case of chicken pops, as her little brother called them. He got them two weeks later, so I still claim he got them from his sister, not me.

    The kicker was that I got them on my face, in my scalp, and my ear. Charming to look at, as you can imagine. In addition, I broke out on the airplane en route to visiting the inlaws, who were in truth, more like outlaws. To add FURTHER insult to injury, as if I weren’t sufficiently accursed, the inlaws lived in California, were part of the famed Kaiser Health System, so they not only didn’t have doctors I could visit, they didn’t know the names of anyone to recommend. I ended up at some random Doc in the Box, but they actually misdiagnosed me with a staph infection, so I would have done better at Jack in the Box.

    And finally, I remember being so miserable (the docs gave me tylenol with codeine for the pain, and I turned out to be allergic to codeine, so then I was vomiting, too) I said to my husband, “The only way this could be any worse is if I had my period, too.” So, to prove that she has a sense of humor, God gave me my period that night.

    Oh yeah… I feeeeeeeeel your pain…

  • Twice Five Miles

    Wow. That was… terrifying.

    Feel better soon!

  • Erin

    That last frame looked like your were air groping my boobs!

  • Melissa

    Holy shit! That video was scary. I couldnt watch with sound because I am at work, but it looked like a horror movie trailer lol.

  • Kris

    Creepiest video EVER. Watched it without sound at work, was a litte, well, terrified of you all of a sudden. No bunnies around, maybe I’ll go and hug a co-worker.

    But I do have to agree with the others who said it. Those aren’t Jazz Hands (sorry!). Those were Sparkle Fingers. Jazz hands you shake the whole hand while keeping the fingers splayed and straight. Otherwise, that was totally awesome.

  • Anonymous

    With the right lighting, you could work at one of the haunted experiences in the Salt Lake area – no makeup required.

  • Christina

    Honest to God, I laughed ’til I cried. Thank you for that utterly ridiculous, hilariously disturbed 2 minute break in my day! :) My 3-year old daughter watched with a shocked look on her face, then said, with her nose all wrinkled up, “I do NOT like her dance!” LoL

  • http://www.visiblevoice.ca Visible Voice

    I’m not gonna lie…that was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. In the crazy weird fun way!

    You know how if you do a search for getting “dooced” it’s you know…getting fired for writing on your blog about your employer…after you.

    I bet…this video will be attached to SHINGLES for now until forever!


    Ha ha ha!

  • http://www.dcpes.com Boodie

    Thank you Heather, that just made MY morning, hell it just made my day, henceforth whenever something annoys me today I shall just ‘jazz hands’ it and yell SHINGLES.

  • http://www.supportmymom.com Brandon

    That was hilarious!

    “Close your browser and hug a bunny”. Lol. Where do you come up with this stuff?

  • Stacey

    omg, i think i just snorted. at my desk. with my boss walking by. fuck it… CREEPY, but in a seriously fucked up funny i’d like to watch it tripping on acid kind of way. sadly, those days are long past me (the acid, et al) but damn, i am going to be having flashbacks, nightmares, etc., for some time to come, i believe. but in a good way. like a bulb flashed…and that crazy long fingered nutty-eyed vision is burned into my eyeballs… good stuff. very good stuff.

  • Milo

    Wow. So. Disturbing. Yet. Strangely. Appealing. Must watch again.

  • Joni

    That was scary. Very Twilight Zone-ish.

    Love the Hate tab though. Maybe you need to go all Kelly Clarkson on them and ask them if they weren’t hugged enough as a child? I’m just sayin’….

  • Anonymous

    That video will become the basis of all my future nightmares.


    Now I can take my mother-in-law off that list.

  • the niffer

    Dear God, woman. I hope the shingles go away soon. No one should be in so much pain that they resort to demonic jazz hands.

    Great video. But I really hope your suffering ends soon.

  • http://fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com Mama M.

    Oh. My. God.
    THAT has got to be the most hilarious, frightening thing I’ve seen in a long time (well, at least since this morning, anyway…when I looked in the mirror!!).
    Now, just add a little Rockette’s High Kick in there…and you’re golden!

  • http://youshouldonlyknow.com Erica

    We all know how you are going to scar your kids with all the awful things you say about them, right?

    Well – when they recover from therapy and assisted re-birthing or whatever, make sure you show them this post. And be all “Look, the internet thinks I messed you up. But then again – I also made videos like SHINGLES!!!!”

    And then they will be all “Yeah, you know you are right. Mom’s awesome!” And then you will all skip into the sunset, with Coco yapping her tail off behind you.

  • Christian

    It’s the hands that kill me.

  • Tia

    So I have to admit I am a newbie to your site and that was the best introduction ever! I WILL be back! ;)

  • Sarah Wilson

    Last year one of my guy friends had SHINGLES! and I poked him in the back to get his attention. Which also happened to be right on a SHINGLE! He didn’t speak to me for a week. Now anytime one of our friends pokes another the other one screams just like he did that day ” YOU POKED ME IN THE FING SHINGLE YOU BITCH” So I can slightly understand your pain.

    And your video on silent at work… seriously.. a little creepy and I loved it! :)

  • http://www.milliondreammom.com Kristi of Million Dream Mom

    That video is CLASSIC. Sorry things have taken a bad /stressful / surreal turn for you. Hope it gets worked out soon, and hope the SHINGLES! do as well. Thanks for the laughs :) Good luck with your insane dog :)

  • kate

    oh. my. christ.
    that was terrifying.
    and by terrifying, i mean completely awesome.

  • aban

    dear mommy of two cute kids, psychotic-but-fun dogs & a husband.

    i was having a crappy afternoon. well, in comparison to you having shingles & a breast feeding child my life looks like a vacation.

    all this to say, that has got to be the BEST video EVER.

    i apologize, i laughed so hard snot came out. groos, i know, but you were THAT funny.

    i hope you get better before the months end.

  • http://merrilymarylee.wordpress.com Mary Lee

    I will be shot tomorrow.

    (Your reminder is WAAAAAY over and above the call of duty!)

  • Torewebu

    oh my god i’m scared but i can’t stop playing it.

  • http://scarletlily.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    Sometimes the best thing to do in life is embrace the Crazy. Brava!

  • Mary


  • Ian


    Mr. Trump, I think we have your newest apprentice here.

  • Any Mouse

    That was an amazing video. My second child is 11 months old and I still don’t get enough sleep. HOW do you find time for this stuff?

  • http://www.stillpixels.com Kristen

    haha that was awesome with a side of hilarious.