• Erica

    between the boob and the family dinner, the kid hitting Marlo would have been the thing to push me over the edge. He would of learned real quick what a “Whoopin” is. Good for Marlo to be so cute and take it so nicely. I’m sure she is planning her payback.

  • Morgan

    I just saw your hate page and it is amazing! Monetizing hate is truly a genius idea. I would request a comments section though. Then we can hate on the hate and you can monetize further from the hatred of the hatred!

    Although, reading so much hate in one dose does make me hate society at large and think that your readership is full of evil trolls. And that our country and world is full of evil trolls. And now I think I will go crawl under a couch and hide from all the hate. These people need some weed or something. Or the ability to click out of blogs they don’t want to read anymore.

    Dear haters: I think the 18 month old IS a psycho. He needs a reallllllly long time out.

  • http://www.lorenadavis.blogspot.com Lorena

    Gosh dang it. I was going to be comment number 17 but I took too long thinking about it and BOOM. Downsized to number 37. Please stop being so popular so that I can one day be in your top 20 without having to resort to just typing a punctuation mark and then hitting publish before I lose my spot.

  • salome

    OMG commenter #270 – I’m going to have nightmares forever.

  • http://iloveyoumorethanmost.blogspot.com/ Danielle

    I’m cringing at the comments about how people want to handle Adam. I always knew people judged me for my kid when he was that age and it still smarts to see it confirmed. Luckily Marc is 8 now and no longer goes on “seek and destroy” missions (mostly doesn’t anyway) but when he was 12 months until about 4 I could barely leave the house. I love how they think I didn’t discipline him too. The only thing that would have worked at that age is duct tape and a padded room. It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I truly ENJOYED motherhood (much like you are experiencing with Marlo) and people stopped thinking I was a bad mother.

    My heart goes out to your brother. I hope he lives through it.

  • http://thepenultimatecouponwhore.blogspot.com Lovey

    Every so often I visit your hate page and think that you could really explode some revenue by opening comments.

    Of course, manning that shit-storm would be another full time job.

  • Ania

    I also had experienced another toddler biting mine like #21 did. It happened 3 times before I told the preschool administrator that I was going to hunt that kid down and teach him a lesson myself. Well, that didn’t go over to well, so we actually had to find another preschool. Yeah, I really didn’t want to go to jail for biting a 2 year old.

  • votemom

    i read the hate page. and i can’t even believe those comments aren’t made up… are there really that many mean and rude people out there?????

    i must live in a nice bubble.

    i think i will stay in it.

    p.s. your daughters are lovely ;o)

    p.s.s. my word verification is “damage paid”.

  • http://laurenfromtexas.com Lauren From Texas

    There are few things in life that terrify me more than a clogged boob.

  • http://www.mysixinthecity.blogspot.com Michelle

    LOVE the hair! You are looking gorgeous!

  • http://singlemompenelope.blogspot.com Penelope

    Perfect timing! I think all the Armstrongs are pretty tough :)

  • http://lulusaysit.com Lulu

    funny, my nephew is like that too….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont want kids anymore

  • Liz

    possibly my favorite marlo story yet, heather. too funny.

  • Dana

    Your posts about the miseries that can occur after having a baby have been like therapy for me. Thank you!! I have an 18 month old. I had shingles on my nose at the time of her birth. It was being treated and was covered. The staff put me on quarantine. Everyone entering my room had to wear gown and gloves. The baby couldn’t leave the room to get her photo taken. The nurses avoided my room because they had to suit up. I also had a sinus infection that I was on antibiotics for. This led to thrush in the baby’s mouth and then in my milk ducts 2 weeks after the birth. It took me 2 months to clear the thrush with a crazy strict diet and tons of supplements. As soon as that was cleared, I got a clogged duct, which turned into a cyst, which developed mastitis 4 times in the next 7 months. They were set to do surgery, but I refused. It never returned. OH, and worst of all, my 3 year old brought home SCABIES!!! from school. We all had to cover ourselves in pesticide for 2 days and keep the baby from touching our skin during that time, and do a million loads of laundry. I have a crappy immune system due to an autoimmune disease, and have been feeling really alone in all this. This is mean, but it’s comforting to know that a normal person can have the same troubles. Your ability to express what these things are like with humor is so helpful. Your shingles video was so cathartic! I don’t know why these haters think it’s so awful for you to complain. Keep complaining! You have reason to, and you are giving voice to many of us.

  • Marie

    My girlfriend’s 3 year old boy bit my youngest daughter’s finger when she was just two weeks old. I would have gone through the roof if I wasn’t in such a newborn fog of exhaustion. As it was, I asked her to leave with her boy so that we could all nap and recover – and I never saw her again :(

  • http://lifeandtimesofstella.wordpress.com Amber

    wow, i came here to leave a comment but i am just reeling from dana’s comment right now. dana, you are a trooper and I agree 100% that heather’s humor about her experiences is tremendously helpful.

    anywho, i *love* the new ‘do, and i love how marlo handles whatever life throws her way with a smile. i could learn a lot from her! i could also learn a lot from adam, if, say, i wanted to become a CRIME BOSS.

    keep on keepin’ on!

  • http://mumologic.wordpress.com Mumologic

    Dear Adam, Babies are surprisingly resilient and tend to bounce back. However, they fit nicely in roasting pans.

  • http://southernstuf.blogspot.com/ Wendy

    I absolutely love your hair. I wish I had the guts to go for something that great!

  • http://www.durvy.com Devon

    Dimples could very well be the thing that ends the war in the Middle East and solves health care. Maybe you should start prepping her for a life of politics.

    You know, just make sure she knows how to hunt Caribus and she’ll do fine! Maybe she’ll even be offered a spread in Playboy! WooHoo!!!

    She’s a cuite Heather. You’re a lucky woman with 2 beautiful girls.

  • Anon

    Unrelated to slapping kids…

    …how did Chuck end up in the baby bouncy thing????

  • http://www.theotherlion.blogspot.com Erika

    Hey, commenters–don’t be so mean to Adam! He’s 18 months old and still learning how to communicate. My goodness. Heather said he was disciplined. Maybe it just hits a nerve because my little guy is one who communicates with his entire body (isn’t that a nice way to put it =)).

    My son once did the same thing, only it was a rather delayed reaction with a same-aged peer at school. They were sitting on the carpet at school and he just up and smacked her because she had been stealing time from a preferred adult earlier.

    My son’s been both the perpetrator and the victim of this sort of thing, and if it’s handled correctly they usually grow out of it as they learn how to communicate more effectively.

    Anyway, very funny story, Heather, and Marlo’s reaction was perfect.

  • Courtney

    As an infant teacher (in a room full of babies 6-weeks to 18-months), my life is spent blocking the Adams from the Marlos. No need to turn to child abuse, folks. It’s sorta normal.

  • Mary Dawn

    my daughter and adam should meet…ok, maybe not

  • http://www.docbuilder.com Corporate Form

    I noticed you are breaking out the southern accent more lately. I like it.

  • http://www.mybabysweetness.blogspot.com My Baby Sweetness

    Selfish as I am, I have to admit – I actually thought you were going to say that he somehow *knew* and hit your sore, aggravated, it hurts when you even LOOK at it milk duct, rather than that he hit the baby.

    I get those as well and know what you’re refering to. Is it lump in my boob? Is it cancer? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think cancer is this painful…

  • http://jennifertilley.info Jennifer

    I once rubbed something into my eye that swelled up my tear duct and I could barely open eye.

  • Anonymous

    Kid needs some meds… and some parents who don’t outsource him.

  • Emily

    Can I join the Nutso Mothers? I can hock a mean loogie.

  • Ashly

    My two year old daughter did that to her little brother in the first moments after we brought him home. I think she was establishing her dominance over him which she has rigorously maintained for ten years now. :) I think it may have felt a little different if it had been someone else’s child, but nonetheless, I can relate to this story.

  • Anonymous

    you own that hair, heather. =]

  • http://www.meandyouandellie.blogspot.com Jacquie

    Aw, cousins. Love that your girl handled it with a grin, your sister in law must have been mortified. I’d love to see the protective maneuvers you put into place the next time young bruiser comes over to play!

  • angry sugar mama

    sorry-couldn’t post anywhere else.

    LOVE. YOUR. HAIR!!!!

  • http://kwils.blogspot.com Kwil

    OMG. Motherhood sounds mighty painful!
    Glad Marlo is such a good sport.

  • http://www.skunkstripe.wordpress.com Megan

    I understand more now why some cultures choose to believe that children don’t get a soul until they’re like 5.

    Much like your nephew was my godson: He was a totally grinny agreeable baby and then suddenly for two years his only mission in life was to destroy everything around him. He also seemed to have taken on a contract to kill his younger brother and ingeniously combined these two jobs into one by trying to destroy everything around him by smashing them on his infant brother’s head.

    His parents did not get much sleep for a looong while as he was not above sneaking into the bedroom where the baby slept.

    Of course now they team up and just destroy everything.

  • http://www.ramblingbrooke.com Brooke

    I’m jealous of Marlo. She really make me want to have dimples. No fair!!

    I have a cousin who sounds like Adam. She’s 11 now. Things haven’t changed much…

  • http://www.lafurniturestore.com modern furniture

    absolutely gorgeous. i am saving money on invitro and hope to have adorable kids one of these days such as the ones you bear.

  • http://www.picknicksbrain.com Nicole Johnson

    Boys are so impulsive and want attention, don’t they!? I’m glad Marlo was not distraught about it. She’s already one tough cookie just like her momma. ;) Your brother’s son will be fine with discipline. I highly recommend the book “Setting Limits With Your Strong-Willed Child.” That book helped us out a lot with these kinds of things! Oh and also the book “Hands Are Not For Hitting” that you read with your child. That helped a lot in our hitting phase (which was about 2 months or so).

    Adam is actually your nephew, right? Just checking because you said your “brother’s son”. Just wondering. LOL

  • http://nymommyinsiliconvalley.blogspot.com Susan

    I know I’m destined to have a boy next b/c of everything I’ve said about the baby and toddler boys I’ve been around. And your story just confirmed it another 100%. I have heard going from girl to boy is an eye-opening adventure and one that I am willing to wait just a little longer to experience. Thanks for the great stories, reading your website always makes my day.

  • http://keeponsmyelin.blogspot.com/ K*OS! (Keep On S’myelin!)

    Let your brother know that he’s not alone.

    While my son never hit he did (and still does occasionally) have pretty intense temper tantrums. We tried everything to get him to stop but in the end we had to be patient and let him grow out of them (while encouraging positive behaviour). It was a very frustrating and draining time for all of us. I’m sure Adam’s phase will pass in time too.

    Sorry Marlo had to be at the receiving end.

    Take Care!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been a follower of your blog for some time. i am semi ex-mo who was recently purchased a 1st class flight by my psycho ex-stepmom for my father’s deathversary. i will be in bluffdale this sunday and my old friends are umm…back into the church. they are no help. if you could please remind me of the liquor rules in utah, please email me. i am debating whether to pack airplane sized bottles to pack in my luggage but paranoid about it oozing from my pores when she comes into my childhood bedroom to wake me. i have a hearing problem or i’d just lock the door until i showered it away. yes, i could google, but seeing as you’re an ex-mo whose family has accepted her for who she is…laziness kicks in. thanks in advance!

  • IL~Janet

    Peace and Dimples shall reign supreme!

  • http://www.musicformotherandchild.com/ Music for Mother and Chld

    As always a pleasure visiting your blog, Heather!

    Have a great day!


  • http://www.bytheseatofourpants.com Jasie VanGesen



  • http://www.beckygrant.net becky grant

    Oh my gosh, there is so many garbage comments here. Anyways.

    I’ve had boob pain in the past and I must say it’s no joke. I cried half of the day and missed 3 days of work. Only to find out it was part of growing up. I hope in the future I don’t have any more problems because it is hell. I feel for you :(

  • steph

    Adam sounds like my Austin. Makes me think twice about having any more. He can be sweet too though.

  • http://luong32.blogspot.com Ngo Minh Luong

    First! Always wanted to say that.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! Smack Adam upside the head. That’s exactly how you teach him *not* to smack!

    He should know better but he’s still a little guy. I know you totally love him and accept him as he is, Heather, or you wouldn’t have shared this story.

    Loved the story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Maggie

    I hope I dont end up on the hate page because I have a different opinion but here goes…

    I really was shocked that you wrote this. As you are someone who has had really horrible things said about her daughter, I can not fathom why you would blog such mean things about your nephew. Yes, I know he hit your daughter but come on, he is 18 months old and you make him out to have really serious problems – and if he does, you writing about it to 1 million people can not help him in the long run. If I were his Mother I would be beyond angry at you. This post left me feeling bad for the parents, they have it tough enough without this calling out (something that should be delt with in private). Just icky – this left a bad taste in my mouth. I dont know if you are trying to be funny or if deep down you are angry?

    I hope my response can generate some email that may disagree or agree, but not end up on the hate site just cuz i have respecfully given a different opinion.

  • DJD

    a little TMI in the beginning of this post. Some things a lady should keep to themselves.

  • Adri

    Heather…the new ‘do rocks…you rock, the site rocks, your family rocks…please keep on rockin’ and don’t let the haters get you down.