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You mean I’m not supposed to be eating raw chicken?

This week I participated in a Momversation about behaviors I’ve allowed in my second pregnancy that I didn’t during my first: When the producers of the show first told me about this topic, I was all, wait a minute. This has to be a total set up. Do they want me to be honest? Because [...]

Purple Finch, 1954

Last year Jon gave me a copy of Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life for my birthday, and when brainstorming ideas for art in the nursery I realized I’d love a few of his bird prints hanging on the walls. You can find authentic prints online for upwards of $300-$400, so to save some money we [...]

Helping me organize the nursery

I did not discover Chuck’s ability to balance things on his head until Leta was several months old, and so now I’m realizing that there are all sorts of newborn props with which to disrupt his day. We’re starting slowly here with a pink onesie but soon will quickly move on to more complicated things [...]

I’m being eaten by a boa constrictor

Leta has taken a serious liking to Shel Silverstein’s poetry, particularly everything in Where the Sidewalk Ends. Last night she and Jon took took turns reading “Boa Constrictor” over and over again, both of them erupting in laughter when the boa constrictor reaches the author’s head and he is unable to speak any longer. It [...]

36 weeks

Last week was the 36th of my pregnancy, and as of this past Sunday I’m officially less than three weeks away from my due date. I can’t believe I’m going to go ahead and admit this but, Internet, I’ve been eating powdered doughnuts THIS WHOLE TIME: Just think about all those empty calories screwing with [...]

Zen master vs. toddler on meth

Jon was recently playing around with our camera and captured this riveting interview with Chuck. There’s not much action here, but I don’t think there exists a video that so succinctly captures the differences between Chuck and Coco:

The Sanfords

This morning I helped Jon (as much as I could) move everything out of the basement and onto the patio in the backyard so that the carpet installers could get at the floors. Jesus, we have a lot of crap. In fact, most of that stuff is Leta’s, and that’s after combing through her belongings [...]

Wood veneer tray table

I recently bought this White Formosa Tray Table from CB2 to serve as a bedside table in the nursery, and it was exactly what I was looking for except for the fact that I did not inspect the dimensions thoroughly enough and it’s a lot shorter than I had hoped. And eh, no big deal, [...]

Adventures with Roberta

One night last week as Jon and I were changing clothes and getting ready for bed I noticed a small mole on his back that sent the arrow of my skin cancer radar so far into the red that it broke in half. My radar is perhaps more sensitive than most, and if you’re new [...]

Classic Coco Furrocious

This will be the album cover for her greatest hits, mostly acoustic covers of Twisted Sister.