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Featured community question with accompanying warning:

DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGES OF SCARS. PLEASE. I URGE YOU TO REMAIN INNOCENT. Today’s featured question comes from user maylu: Anyone ever heard of a keloid? Basically, I scar outward. Meaning, there are several places on my body where it looks like I have grown an extra limb, one in particular on my right shin [...]


Many of you will recognize Cami, one of my dear friends who often sets her hair on fire. She was up in Salt Lake today, and I thought it would be perfect to feature her here since she’s responsible for the shirt and blazer I’m wearing in the new video that is up over on [...]

Custom kicks

Johnny Marra, an artist based in Baltimore and genius behind Real_Bot, sent Marlo this custom pair of Converse low-tops, making sure to tug at my heart with the hippo reference. Johnny will take any pair of neglected old tennis shoes and give them new life with his illustrations, which have also been featured in public [...]

House of cough

Yesterday morning I woke up with a cold, one that hopped out of my chest, landed in Marlo’s and woke her up at 4AM this morning in a state that I can only describe as half-screaming, half-coughing, topped with a delicious icing of irrational outbursts. She was a raging fire we could not put out, [...]

Not her again

I know… another photo of Marlo. But I was away from her for three days, and instead of twittering nonstop about how much I missed my baby, you get this instead. Fair trade-off, I think.

The Sunsphere

Now that the news about HGTV is out, I can reveal some of the details about the trip we took to Scripps Networks in Knoxville, TN back in November. One of the many, many lovely people I met (all of whom apologized for the rain) gifted me this miniature Sunsphere, a “266-ft high hexagonal steel [...]

Through the phone

I took these photos yesterday with my iPhone as I left Salt Lake and headed to Houston (sans butt donut, thank you very much): I’m here at the Mom 2.0 Summit in downtown Houston and will be speaking on a keynote tomorrow morning about revisions to our operating system and how to make Mom 2.1 [...]

Staring at six weeks of recovery

Before I begin this… this screed? This rant? It may just end up being a regular post, I don’t know, but the vigor with which I want to hug every human being and yell WE’RE ALIVE! WE’RE ALIVE! makes me think that this may just end up being something totally ridiculous, and you’re going to [...]

Eight months

Marlo turned eight months old on Valentine’s Day. To celebrate we poked her cheeks and gobbled her neck for, oh, all day. I just cannot get enough of this kid.

An attempt to appreciate the weather

Friday night we drove up to the mountains to spend a few days snowboarding and roasting our toes by the fire. Friends asked if Leta was going to take lessons, and we’d say, yes, lessons for the SAT. I think if given the choice of putting on skis and staring down a mountain or being [...]