• peacelovedooce

    It’s official–THIS is the post that has made me laugh the hardest in Dooce History. Too adorable.

  • Consuelo1

    Best. Laugh. Ever.

    Thank you for sharing the wonderfulness that is your family!

  • SherEdwrds

    Her name is now “Bubba” as in a big, black man in a jazz bar.

  • vvlkova

    Really brightened my day!Thanks!!

  • MaryJoRs

    That is the best laugh ever. Marlo is adorable, and I love seeing more and more of her personality on these videos. Also the crawling video? Awesome.

  • okayinok

    Love her laugh. And of course, Coco has to try and upstage her!

  • traffic8080

    That’s fricken awesome!!!

  • nikkiferrante

    Ahhh I love how her laugh quickly proves that she was out all night drinking whiskey.

  • dani61z

    Very compliments for your baby …

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  • carawahlgren

    Jesus Lord I could listen to babies laughing all day and all night. This is adorable. You guys are BLESSED, I’m sure you know.

  • Krys72599

    AWESOME laugh!!!
    She made ME laugh out loud!

  • AJS721

    My ovaries just exploded. That is the greatest sound EVER. She’s GORGEOUS.

  • jamilton

    What a great laugh – we call that the “Fat Albert laugh”. Hey, hey, heyyy!

  • HumHumViz

    Ha ha! The dimple! The dimple! Baby laughs are the best.

  • Harmony_W

    That made my day!

  • tmehraban

    I love the deep grunt/growl in her laugh.

  • jon

    I swear I am not tickling her. She’s just sleep-deprived and punchy.

  • michellep

    Baby belly laughs are the BEST, and she has a particularly adorable one!

  • CynthiaO

    Sleepy laughing babies are simply the best! What a sweet girl.

  • christine1127

    Adorable. But the best part is the look on Chuck’s face at the very end of the video. Priceless.

  • AmazingGreis

    Her laugh is adorably funny. Love the video, thanks for sharing!

  • radkitch

    that is made of awesome!

  • fableq

    OMG! that made me laugh so hard! How incredibly, ridiculously adorable!

  • kennesis

    Silly wabbit.

  • WebSavyMom

    –>That made me smile. I live MarCo’s dimples. ;-)

  • mom interrupted

    If that doesn’t make you laugh right along with it, I guess nothing will. So cute – those years seem very far away now!

  • martywombacher

    Ha ha ha! What a great laugh, thanks for this post! Totally cracked me up!

  • jen.yaya

    Yeah, I’d forgive her too. Holy crap, how hilarious is that laugh?!

  • paigeturner

    Best baby laugh ever. It reminds me of a grown man, but in a totally cute way.

  • raeofsunshine

    Alice has that shirt, but not that LAUGH! She only laughs when her brother is doing something violent and I am racing in slow motion across the room trying to stop him. Great video!

  • MandDSoup

    There is nothing like baby laughs. In fact, I love my girls’ laughs so much that I turned them into ringtones on cell phone. :o ) Makes it so worth having them!

  • heylaurabeth

    My sister and I call that kind of laugh the “fat girl laugh”. So cute, haha.

  • BargainBex

    You’re right. I’d forgive her anything too if only to hear that laugh again. Adorable, super cute and darling. Yep. All of the above.

  • WhatForMomma

    My Bunneh is STILL waving and giggling at the screen. A bit punchy herself, I might add.

  • ladygray

    oh holy baby laughs, that is amazing. totally infectious. well done Marlo.

  • RLE

    Love, love, love baby belly laughs. Makes all the sleep deprivation worth it.

  • francabollo

    That’s a pretty raunchy laugh for a baby. But since she is your spawn, we shouldn’t be surprised, right? She’ll be asking for Mr. Beam in her bottle any day now.

    Absolutely effing adorable.

  • The Naked Redhead

    My favorite part is the look on Chuck’s face at the very end. He’s soooo like my dog. They’d both be thinking, “SERIOUSLY? Trying to nap here!”

  • Missives From Suburbia

    Chuck is not amused. But, boy, I am! I love my toddler and preschooler laughs, but there is nothin’ like a baby laugh to brighten the day.

  • mybottlesup

    love that. and so fantastic hearing jon laugh with her. you can nearly tell that he’s trying hard to hold back and then when marlo hits her lower register with that growl/grunt of a laugh, jon can’t help it anymore.

    what a great moment.

  • blackpanther

    Ahhh, okay…the sleepy baby laugh. Love it. It used to provide us with endless entertainment because every and anything is just so gut-busting funny to them, you can’t help but laugh too.

    Did I see Chuck rolling his eyes? Man, that dog is all kinds of awesome.

  • sarondipity

    Marlo’s laugh sounds like what I imagine Louis Armstrong’s laugh must have sounded like, except cuter.

  • kmpinkel

    Sounds like an old Tennessee relatives been drinkin’ moonshine! LOVE IT!

  • kristanhoffman

    GAWD I needed that today. Thank you. Also, Coco is a hilarious attention-whore. But Marlo steals the show.

  • TG81

    I kinda REALLY want to make that my ringtone :-)

  • lovingthismomstuff

    That’s hilarious! Nothing is better than a baby’s laugh…and hers is especially cute!

    Loving This Mom Stuff

  • katiemcdowell

    holy heck that is hysterical! what on earth were you doing to make it happen?

  • Brookelyn Bridge

    That is hilarious! I watched it a good four times.
    I love the part where Coco comes in at the end. We have a cat that ALWAYS gets on our videos.

  • eliz

    Love it when babies laugh like that! Nothing cuter.

  • cipsi

    Thank you so much for sharing that. Marlo’s laugh made my otherwise crappy day into a good one.