• cris

    AWWWWWWWWWW :D And everybody’s wearing pants too!

  • mrs.notouching

    I love “the victory is MINE!” face!

  • Ex Files Chick

    Marlo is quite possibly the most beautiful baby girl I have EVER seen.

    Those eyes, that dimple, the belly laugh!

    What a neat day for you…congrats!

  • Midamerican Tinkerbell


    Also, is Leta wearing glasses?

  • MomOfMax

    Yay Max!! Ten month old Max started creeping furniture….great week for mama’s!!

  • kayakgrrl

    Too fun!! (Hide the dog food & water!!)

  • Rags1027

    Are those glasses on Leta? How cute!!! Show a pic!

  • Midnight

    Way to go, Marlo! The laughing video was great too (I should record voice memos of my kids laughing to play for myself when they’re driving me crazy).

  • CW

    I will not sully this occasion by transposing the audio over some other inappropriate activity, but you should be aware that one could totally do that.

  • jiveturkie

    I love how she totally gets that something awesome just happened! Congratulations Marlo!

  • RenderMeMama

    Love it! She just needed a little of the right temptation. Congrats and lock up the fun stuff!

  • djgonzales

    OMG! That is so adorable!

    Be sure to keep ladders awaya from your roof… I apparently climbed one at 12 mths,,, And then wouldn’t anwser my mom when she called me ’cause I knew it was bad to be on the roof!

  • lindsaylou

    Aw, yaaaayyy! Congratulations, Marlo!