• loysturner

    This is great! I actually cam across Goop last week and recommended it to several friends, only to see a few days later that you were in the most recent newsletter! YAY! I’m also a huge Coldplay groupie and Chris Martin really does it for me. Thanks for the joke! My husband is always known as the comic around our abode so I will be pleased to one-up him with this one.

  • vtsoar

    I was just reading her PPD info on goop! My kids’ first day of school was today and I was like ,”Wait!one-more-minute!Wait!”

    Man, Heather really made the best of a chance encounter! What a lovely thing to have happen. I’m so glad the day was uplifting, the Armstrong’s deserve it.

  • georgiagirl

    Congrats on meeting GP! So excited for you!

    Now for the real reason I’m commenting. We call my son Bobo. My niece, who we call Booboo, and is 6 months younger than my son, started calling him Bobo as soon as she was able to form words. We thought it was so cute it kinda stuck. He is 10 now and is starting to think he’s too old to be called that, but we all refuse to stop, so he might as well embrace it, I told him.

    Anyway, I was gonna post a picture of him here just to prove that back-woods people, we are not. But then I couldn’t figure out how to post it.

    And now your thinking, ‘yeah. And she calls her son Bobo and her niece Booboo.’

    Um…yeah. Love you, Heather! And your sweet Bobo. :)

  • JillyMack06

    You’ve lived out my exact celebrity fantasy…except that maybe Gwen and I become best friends and Moses and my daughter get married…That’s just so awesome!

  • TexasKatie

    This is my favorite post of yours in a while! SO cool that you got to meet Apple’s mommy!

  • BookishPenguin

    I adore GP and love her Goop newsletter. And you clearly dropped enough lines to prove that you actually watch ANTM. GP AND ANTM all in one post?? This post certainly isn’t dreckitude!

  • swiftserenity

    I’ve always liked her…she’s a great actress and I like how candid she is with the press.

  • Cooky

    How fabulous for both of you. Can’t wait to see the results of the photo shoot.

    It’s so great to live vicariously through your wonderful experiences.

    All I can say is WOW!

  • AttyGirlTex

    I feel like GP is a lot like a lot of women — we’re not really (or haven’t traditionally been) “girls’ girls”. If that makes any sense. I think it makes her a little misunderstood. I, for one, think she’s a hoot. And I have totally developed a respect for her (as a mother and wife) after reading some of her things, seeing how she has attempted to provide normalcy for her family, made career decisions (that appear to have been) in the interest of her family, etc.

    Well, anyway, cool story!

  • RSMDianne

    GP is awesome and beautiful, and so very cool that she knows you! Coldplay is my very favorite band. I met Chris Martin last year at a Coldplay concert, and I shook his hand, and I drowned in those Caribbean Ocean blue eyes of his. Then I left him to go talk to Will Champion, who is at the top of my list – I have a thing for drummers. Yes, it was a meet and greet, but they were so genuine when meeting us. Then my knees wobbled and I died. And on the way to our seats, we walked right by GP.

  • Sneeka

    I read that Goop – I subscribe – and screamed when I saw that GP mentioned you – like Dooce is my blog or something.

    I like GP, always liked coldplay and therefore Chris. This sounds like an awesome chance meeting!

  • Sneeka

    oh and that joke? LOVING IT!!! Just called hubby to share.

  • AshesVonDust

    I have to agree with Truthful Mommy on the Alexander Skaarsgard front… HOT DIGGETY-DAMN. If I ever met him, I would probably end up in jail (or at least with a fine or something) because I literally would not be able to keep my clothes on in his presence. Never mind that stripping for him would probably send him running, but I don’t think I’d be able to help it, my clothes would just explode off of my body.

  • Owengirl79

    Did Marlo hear you saying boo boo about her chipped tooth and come out with Bobo?

  • dzymzlzy

    Is “smizing” an ANTM saying or a typo? I don’t watch that show so I’m not sure…

    And also, this captcha says “Likable Jews”. Umm… what is going on today?