So I know I can’t dance

If reincarnation is true, I want more than anything the ability to dance when I come back as another being. I don’t care if I’m a frog or a piranha or a rock inside a cave. LET ME BE ABLE TO SAMBA! I could watch people dancing for hours. Forever, maybe. And when it’s done right I get goosebumps and start to cry and feel like calling my mom to gush about the beauty of the earth because I know she won’t go twitter about what a nitwit I am.

(plenty of Internet strangers already have that job covered)

I saw this on Kottke today and have watched it several times. And then I got goosebumps so badly that I had to go put on a coat. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I am so envious of people with this talent.

Just, DAMN!

(also, seeing Patrick Swayze doesn’t help the tears)

  • lil_arie

    This clip is amazing and so very well done. The musicality throughout is fantastic. For those who were (like me) trying to tick off movies as they were featured, Step Up 1 & 2 have been left off lists and it’s Mary Poppins (not The Sound of Music).
    I was sad Breakdance 2 – Electric boogaloo missed the cut. Will need to dust off my dance movies and watch them all again. Terrible the scripts, the cheesy acting – it’s all good as long as they can dance!
    Can anyone tell me the movie where they are on the stairs with fans? And the tribal costumes? I might have missed a dance movie – is it possible?
    That clip absolutely made my day. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • smithie1996

    OMG! Here is the Center Stage final dance! My apologies if someone already posted this.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you posting. LOVED this!

  • Karen Chatters

    Oh, my youth! Well, some of it anyway. I can’t dance to save my life but growing up a lot of those movies made me want to dance all the time. And I did but terribly.

    I’m afraid of what the remake of Footloose will be like. Remakes are never as good as the originals, I wonder why they bother.

  • sydygirl

    I totally agree with you Heather!!! So many people in that video are no longer with us…Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Gregory Heizn, Gene Kelly, etc). I watched this video 5 times while crying each time while I both celebrated and mourn the lives on their talents.

    Thanks for sharing- it made my day!
    Your New Stranger Friend,
    Jenn from Canada

  • renaemcalister

    One of my friends posted this video a few months ago. It sparked major controversy to see young girls in such skimpy clothing dancing so suggestively, but I must admit that these girls have talent. Thank God I have boys!

  • jgirl

    totally put a smile on my face!!!

  • ERStolpe

    I loved White Nights just for the coooooooolness of those two guys.

  • jan001

    @lil_arie – First thing I thought of when I saw the clip with the fans and the stairs was (don’t laugh) the video to “Rock Me, Amadeus”. I just looked it up and played it, though, and it never got anywhere near those “production values”.

    Is it maybe from “Moulin Rouge”? I only saw that once and don’t remember it all by any means. In the montage (which I’m watching again of course and loving every bit of it), 2:59-3:02 has the same sort of look – same movie?

    Also, at 1:50-1:52, is that from “West Side Story”, as in the Sharks or the Jets?? Or maybe it’s something newer like “Grease”. I just caught it tonight for the first time.

  • VickiG.

    Thanks !!! Love it !!!

    Have you seen this one ? A different sort of dance video… but one that will give you goose bumps and make you happy.

  • mycouchhascrumbs

    Oh my, this gave me tears too!! I am so happy to hear I’m not the only one who cries like a baby every time a movie has this super intense happy moment dance scene. Dirty Dancing, I am 23 and have owned that movie since I was maybe 6, and I swear every time I watch it, I cry and cry at the end. I am emberassed to admit, that many of the clips I have missed out on their movies, and it makes me want to rent every single one and have a movie day. I think I am the most insanely jealous person when it comes to dancing. I have NO rythym. It makes me so angry because no matter how hard I try, I can not dance for the life of me…and I want to so badly! It just is so fun, and I cant do it. frustrating. Foot Loose, thats one I dont own and I need to. My husband is not going to be impressed when he sees our netflix list has been severely altered… :)

  • cadavis

    I totally know what you mean. I was a dancer since I was a little girl and I still stop on espn when they have cheerleading/dance competetions just to see the combinations and the energy. When you understand the complexity of the art of dancing you can appreciate it done well. Also… some people just look pretty dang good dancing, they do it well. Thank you Patrick Swayze. I think you’re hitting on something pretty cool here. I mean, notice the facination surround “Dancing with the Stars.” There is just something about the energy and the spotlight that get peoples adrenaline rushing, whether you’re watching or participating.

  • melnyc

    Love, love, love. It’s embarrassing just how many times I have danced along with many of those movies. Alone in the living room, of course.

  • meganithappen

    This makes me HAAAAAPPPPPPPYYYYY!!!!

  • Sivy

    total goosebumps! love that it had Rocky Horror in it!

  • RobynMD

    I adore dancing too, not dancing programs but movies in which characters spontaneously dance. That is my musicals are so fabulous, and certain improv troupes.

  • TropicalPopsicle

    I have an interview today and this just made me calm and happy. I feel like I’ll do a good job now! Heather, if you’re ever on dancing with the stars I’ll vote for you no matter how bad you think you are.

  • dawdawsmom

    ok, so it was happy feet that did it in for me =o)

  • The Prima Momma

    I too fantasize about being more in touch with my inner tribal drummer.

    I admire dancers and musicians to no end.

    Also – I second the whole voting for Heather on Dancing with the Stars!! Come on Dooce! Doooo it.

  • Fifi Coon

    Don’t you just love Jamie Lee Curtis??? And John Travolta in all those dancing movies??? And Patrick and Jennifer and on and on and on……….Thanks for that!!!

  • luckymom22

    Some great moments…if you haven’t sat down and watched “Singing in the Rain” with your kiddos then their education is lacking. Go to You Tube, search on “Make Them Laugh” from Singing in the Rain and watch it now! Never mind, don’t bother searching, here’s the link: Especially if you need a reason to smile!

  • sonjabean

    At least those are people. I don’t even have hope that I could someday dance as well as this dog:

  • lovems


    I am with you – to be able to dance like that! I must also admit, I have always been envious of Jennifer Grey – ah to have been able to dance with Patrick Swayze:)!

  • EliBailey

    That was amazing! I love dance movies. But did I miss it or were there no clips from Chicago in there? That’s one of my favorites.

  • Norabloom

    I wanted to like this, I really did, but then the music started – Kenny Loggins – and I couldn’t get through it.

  • paolouche

    Loved this video! I stink at dancing too Heather, but that doesn’t stop me from goofing around in the living room with my kids on tunes we like. And the only reality show I watch is So you think you can dance! You want goose bumps? watch it!!!

  • greetd

    Too bad, YouTube blocked that video here (I’m in Belgium) … :(

  • kristanhoffman

    HAHAHA Sonja stole my dancing dog! Ah well, as long as you see it, Heather, and love it, my mission is complete.

  • ClaireinAustin

    Thanks for sharing this! that put a nice lift in my afternoon(I’m at work). I couldn’t dance my way out of a paper bag, but I’ve lately decided that I have to try to learn to do this kind of dancing because they all look like they are having SO MUCH FUN:

  • Ena Murphy

    OMG! So awesome. My favorite song of all time!!

  • iWantBrownies


    Did you watch So You Think You Can Dance? If so, were you able to make it through a single episode without crying? I know I cried through at least every other episode this season! I’m always astounded by how talented all the contestants are.

  • nova276

    I couldn’t stop smiling through that whole thing, thanks for that! Also, unexpectedly, I now want to watch Coyote Ugly. I never thought I’d type that sentence.

  • jumanjijuice

    Yea Lehi Roller Mills! I hid in the bathroom, with my feet up to see Flashdance twice. I’m all verklempt.

  • EarlGreyHot

    I’d so love to see it, but they’ve blocked it here in Germany too. Why can’t they just put some ads on it and be done with?
    Anyone know another place to watch it?

  • missusclark

    I too would love to be able to dance well. Watching this brought all that yearning welling up. Plus…. Baryshnikov! Woof!!!

  • bebehblog

    I suddenly have a whole list of things to add to my Netflix queue – except that I own practically all of those, from Singing in the Rain to Strictly Ballroom to Honey. Because I am THAT LAME.
    But can someone tell me what the movie the two guys dancing in the empty room is from? The one the screen is paused on? It is embarrassingly missing from my extensive dance movie repertoire.

  • tiawaffs93

    Never have I loved the art of dance more than on those days each June when I can sit in the audience at my daughter’s dance recital. Every single routine whether she is a part of it or not is out-of-body awesome. Here’s hoping that Leta, Marlo or both discover that they have your love for it too and let the dance classes begin! Well maybe a few more years before Marlo is ready to sign up =)!

  • GingerPeach

    Heather, I know someone else already pointed it out to you, but you seriously need to see this dog dance:!

    When someone showed it to me, I was all ready to see a silly dog jump and bark, haha, but seriously my mouth was AGAPE the entire time. This dog is dancing. Really, really, really well. So light on his feet!

  • Chloe

    The movie with the two guys, if the two guys are Mischa and the late Gregory Hines, is White Nights, also featuring the fabu Helen Mirren.

    So many scenes from my all time fave, Strictly Ballroom, a wonderfully funny and campy movie from the ’90s that I saw about 7 times after watching the execrable Indecent Proposal – that was a pantload.

    Tom King who was the Hollywood columnist for the Wall Street Journal (he passed away all too young) once asked for readers to let him know the names of movies they had seen at the theatre more than 1 time. I emailed him about my Strictly Ballroom habit, and he actually telephoned me so we could chat about the movie, one of his favorites as well. I think I was a gay man in a former life.

  • Emerson_Jo

    Having studied dance since the age of 3, I love me a good dance movie montage! Thanks for the smile, Heather! Much needed today since sadly my BFA in Dance is not being put to much use…unless you can count all the moves I bust out watching Yo Gabba Gabba with the kiddos!

    And @bebehblog….the movie is White Nights :)

  • LaurieML

    I too DESPERATELY wish I could dance.
    I could have done without Jamie Lee Curtis in that leotard though.

  • Barking Mad

    Loved the compilation. Brought back some really wonderful memories of watching those films with my little sisters and brother, and then my older kids. I guess it’s time to break out those films and introduce my 4 year old to them!

  • mariebeth

    I LOVE it! I feel a marathon movie session coming on, starting of course with Dirty Dancing! Thanks for making me smile :)

  • anjuli31

    YES!!! I know exactly how you feel, and I have danced around my living room a million times, imagining that I actually looked that good. Watching this video also brought tears to my eyes… Patrick Swayze! Gene Kelly!!! Sandy and Danny! And the Jets!! Love it, love it.

  • smithie1996

    Ohh! Strictly Ballroom! One of my favorite movies ever. Another awesome campy dance movie that I didn’t see in there is Center Stage. Ballet! Drama! New York City! Bad boy vs. sweet boy! Whom will she choose? Plus the best redemption-I-dance-to-the-beat-of-my-own-drummer end number ever.

    Oh, and I agree with whomever said they want to see Coyote Ugly now. Excellent stuff.

  • holly8615

    I always thought I was a freak for crying when I watch people dance/perform. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  • football_swan

    Some of the best movie dancers and dances ever.

  • jennyallen

    You need to get Dance Revolution for Wii. Seriously…like now.

    I feel your pain. I grew up loving Grease, Footloose, White Knights and can’t dance a bit.

    Dance Revolution gives you the dance moves and is so fun I played/danced in a room full of people (with red wine confidence of course).

  • Lisa Dickie

    Loved this…many goosebumps! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • kwm

    Awesome! I feel the same way about dancing!