So I know I can’t dance

If reincarnation is true, I want more than anything the ability to dance when I come back as another being. I don’t care if I’m a frog or a piranha or a rock inside a cave. LET ME BE ABLE TO SAMBA! I could watch people dancing for hours. Forever, maybe. And when it’s done right I get goosebumps and start to cry and feel like calling my mom to gush about the beauty of the earth because I know she won’t go twitter about what a nitwit I am.

(plenty of Internet strangers already have that job covered)

I saw this on Kottke today and have watched it several times. And then I got goosebumps so badly that I had to go put on a coat. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I am so envious of people with this talent.

Just, DAMN!

(also, seeing Patrick Swayze doesn’t help the tears)

  • tiny apple

    awesome! i gotta say i love me some 50s tap dancing in movie musicals, but of all the dances they showed, just about the only one i can do well is the time warp!


    Loved watching that! Thanks for the lift! I could watch John Travolta dance all day—and night. He’s da bomb.

  • wakeandbake

    I see whoever put in Julia Stiles from Save the Last Dance has a loose interpretation of “dancing.”

  • jennyjane

    Very nice. But not quite as good as this:

  • SuzieQ1


    You made my day. I’ll be watching this all night. I’ve always wanted to be able to tap dance. Does anyone do that anymore? My favorite movie dance was Gene Kelly dancing to Slaughter on 10th Avenue. Took me years (I started before the internet in the dark ages) to locate it and finally, thanks to Amazon, got the VCR tape of the movie Words and Music. Love that Gene Kelly! … and all the rest, of course.

  • jennyjane

    Very nice. But not quite as good as this:

  • karenarens

    Goose bumps is right! Wow. That was great. Now they need a v 2.0 that includes Pacino doing the tango in Scent of a Woman, the Bollywood closing credits scene from Slumdog Millionaire, and the guys from Full Monty. I hope we see more of these!!

  • Brea

    I didn’t realize that I was about to watch a movie musical compilation – and even though Heather prepped us well with the goosebumps, I was still unprepared for the AWESOMENESS.

    I feel a movie marathon coming on! My 13-year old daughter LOVES musicals and hasn’t seen any aside from the HSM trilogy. These are the movies I was able to identify:

    Dirty Dancing
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Saturday Night Fever
    High Fidelity
    Strictly Ballroom
    Sound of Music
    Happy Feet
    Michael Jackson videos
    White Knights
    High School Musical
    True Lies
    Pulp Fiction

    I don’t really know any of the ‘classic’ musicals and couldn’t identify those. What else am I missing?!

  • cipsi

    But where was “Center Stage”???

  • yotko

    Clerks 2! That dance scene, to the Jackson 5′s “ABC”, made me so happy, and was THE best part of the movie! (and that is coming from a big Kevin Smith fan!)

  • mrs_k

    Awesome video. I feel like dancing and sex are the two best showcases of the beauty and power of the human body.

  • solaana

    Thirding the call, the shock, the FUROR that Centerstage was left out. How can you deny the sheer artistry it takes to choreograph a ballet set to JAMIROQUAI! With a motorcycle on stage! And simulated-ballet-sex! And costume changes that DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS! Where is the justice in omitting this grand opus of artistry, this Shakespearean ode to the human form? I ask you! For shame, youtube user!

  • MPyrzynski

    @luckymom22: I think I may love you for posting that link. :) I have LOVED “Singing in the Rain” since I was a small child. When I was 18, a friend of mine bought it for me on VHS (back when they were VERY expensive) because he knew I loved it. So glad they included Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire!

    I took tap and jazz for many years and miss it. Now I just watch the old musicals to enjoy. At one point, I knew the entire “Singing in the Rain” dance by heart and did it in my street while it was raining to cheer my sister up. Turns out I cheered up a bunch of neighbors too based on the applause I received. SO embarrassing! But I do love watching anyone who can dance well. It’s always beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    Now, I must go watch it again…

  • AshesVonDust

    My guiltiest pleasure is watching cheesey dancing movies.

    What is the movie with the little dancing boy? (Lots of cobblestone in the background)

    Years ago, when it came out, I wanted to see it, but I forget what it’s called! Anyone help?

  • AshesVonDust

    jennyallen – also Just Dance. I am a lazy fatty and I can’t dance to save my life… But I can play that game for an hour and a half and not realize it until I am drenched in sweat. AWESOME.

  • whomajigi

    I am SO white. I have no rhythm. I am totally in agreement with you Heather! I love watching people who can dance, especially in large perfectly synchronized groups! Sometimes I lose a lot of time watching stuff like Riverdance where everyone is perfectly in sync, it’s amazing.

  • jan001

    WOW!! I can only imagine the dedication it took to find all these clips and the editing it took to sync them up with the music. A LOT of work, but it turned out so much fun!

    The one out of that montage I now need see again is White Nights. Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines dancing at the same time? Doesn’t get any better than that.

    And Jay and Silent Bob too! I’m not positive which movie the two clips were from – thinking maybe “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”..?

    The others I caught not already mentioned (I don’t think) are:
    Moulin Rouge
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Turning Point (??)
    Mama Mia
    one of the Austin Powers movies

    My husband wasn’t perfect but the man could flat-out dance. I was an average dancer but he made me look great, swinging me around on the dance floor. He led so beautifully and made it fun, whether it was swing, waltz, jitterbug, whatever. Couldn’t do that anymore, though, anyway – my knees are shot – but I have great memories.

    GREAT video! Thanks for posting it, Heather. Off to watch it again!

  • Flutterbyv

    You know what? I can’t dance either. I seriously think it has something to do with my repressed Mormon roots… In order to dance well, you have to be comfortable with your body, and HOO BOY, am I not..

    However, I started a belly dancing class, and it’s truly helping. If you have the time (haha), starting taking some sort of dancing class could be really helpful.

    I’m addicted to belly dancing now.

  • SuzieQ1

    AshesVonDust, the boy is Billy Elliot and the last 3 minutes of that movie will bring you to tears and cheers all at once. I watch those last seconds over and over again.

  • Sneeka

    Flippin AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Seeing MJ made me tear up and by the end of video I was literally dancing in my seat, the fear of the laptop tumbling to the floor the only obstacle to my getting up.

    Great Vid! Thanks for sharing that!

  • mrswilson


    This post deserves a big ME TOO. I’m INCREDIBLY uncoordinated and that time I was a highschool cheerleader (before I got pregnant), I was sure a sight. I think I won the most AWKWARD and ROBOTIC-like award.

    That video is incredible.

  • table4five

    I also love to watch movies with dancing in them even though I can’t dance at all. It made me happy to see clips from Clerks 2 in that montage. But no Center Stage? That was surprising.

  • Chloe

    Billy Elliot is currently a show on Broadway.

    The dancer who plays the grown Billy in the movie is Adam Cooper and there is a full length, homoerotic version of Swan Lake featuring him as the Swan – not the customary version but so good nonetheless.

    The movie had a great scene with Julie Walters dancing with Billy to “I love to boogie”. She was also fabulous in “Mamma Mia!”

  • marymuses

    I will watch absolutely anything with choreographed dance numbers, even if it’s horrible. I am always in awe, and I could care less about storyline as long as I can see dancing. More dancing!

  • karen ethier

    If you haven’t already, you need, need, NEED to watch “Dance With Me” starring Vanessa Williams and Chayanne. Talk about goose bumps! Chayanne is probably the most gorgeous man on the face of the planet so you don’t get goose bumps just from the dancing. Here’s a clip so you can get a taste. I chose one that doesn’t give anything away from the movie when you do go to watch it. It’s tied for my favorite movie ever, along with “Dead Poets Society.”

  • robynmerk

    I too hope I come back in my next life with long elegant legs, grace, and the ability to dance like “Ginger Rogers” ~ along with a skinny body, big firm breasts, and a beautiful singing voice would be nice. I’m content with the rest. I would also like Money and World Peace!

  • Idiot Parade

    I get goosebumps and start to cry, too! I was a ballet dancer for a while, but never good enough to go professional. All those movies just make me think of how awesome it would be to dance for a living. Love it!

  • Mama Boo


  • nathalieclaire

    Have you seen this? it might not give you goose bumps but it will make you laugh. He is a well loved comedian here in the UK and it was for charity.

  • sabina


    Mikhail Barishnikov was the cutest boy in history. My god. I’ve had the privilege of being in the same room with him twice – both times froze and couldn’t say a word.

    RIP MJ and Swayze. That brought on the tears…

  • Krys72599

    I KNOW! Patrick! Mikhail! Gregory! Kevin!
    I’d be happy if I could dance as well as the penguins!!!
    I got goosebumps, too!!!