• naysway

    YES! I thought I was the only one who a) had a toddler who was determine to kill herself, and b) laughed at her when she tried. I don’t care how cruel it seems, it cannot be helped. Hilariousness every time.

  • strawberrygoldie

    Dear Marlo,

    I feel you.

    At five, I stood behind my friend as he showed me what a golf club was made for. I was too close. My chin paid for that one.

    At six, I ran through the front door. Handles are for wimps. Thirty stiches and an incredible scar later, I still have to explain to people that no, I did not try to slit my wrist.

    At twelve, my bicycle fell apart while I was riding it. Front wheel and handlebars decided it was time to part ways. Faceplant in the street.

    Add to that all the times I have whacked my head on things (open lockers, cars, my own child), tripped on nothing (stranger says as I wait tables, “You walk like a ballerina.” I thank them, and fall on my ass, with tray). Hail Heather, full of grace.

    Marlo, it will give you character, I promise. And your parents will be all the stronger for it. I have my parents as proof of that. My dad stood by my side as I gave birth to my first child. He can do that, he has the strength to do that, because of my lack of grace.


  • Amy K

    I too have an 18 month daughter. We have a sunken family room (you can see where this is going). My favorite is when she forgets and just walks right off the edge. It’s a surprise to her each time it happens. Poor baby, lol.

  • Granny Tammy

    Tip: Start scoping various ER’s, and Urgent Care. Because when the stitches start coming too many visits to the same place start raising eyebrows. Sounds like you have a tomboy on your hands :)

  • kacyd

    I think you guys should have another baby just to see how it would turn out….lol. Loved yesterday’s post about Marlo, it cracked me up.

  • kidsmom

    I’m dyin’ here. SOOOO needed that laugh.

    Is it okay that it is at the expense of a defenseless child?

  • Erin47

    Laughing… tooo hard… to type… Poooooor baby :o (

  • Just Jill

    Ahhhh… Baby Grace. It’s possibly time for a name change.

    I’m thinking this is the child who will need therapy as an adult, not Leta. Mainly because you laugh at her – but I know I would too!

    And I love the priesthood blessing reference. Hilarious.