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And lo, an office was born

Yesterday we put the final touches on the office makeover, meaning I went out to the trash, dug out the Tiki head Tryant so casually tossed out, and set it back on the shelf in his office: He just better be happy I didn’t take the whole theme to the extreme and set a palm [...]

Junk room

The dogs’ meals have been relegated to the pantry/mud/junk room where everything from cleaning supplies to trash bags to discarded pink clogs are stashed in a hurry. We still make them wait a few moments while the food is on the floor before they are allowed to partake, and Coco still watches it the whole [...]

Before the fire alarm went off

What’s a birthday without a cake and a million candles? I don’t think you can count how many candles there are on that thing, and I’m not going to give away Tyrant’s age. So let’s just assume 29. Plus one or two.

Today is Tyrant’s birthday, and here is my ode

Over the weekend I rented a car to get from San Francisco International Airport up to wine country, and when the lovely lady at the service desk asked if I’d be interested in a red turbo-charged muscle car, my only question was, “Is it a hybrid?” I mean, this is Northern California. When she said [...]

Epiphanie Camera Bag

I happen to already own one of these, but one of the gifts we received at the Mighty Summit this weekend was an Epiphanie Camera Bag by Maile Wilson, by far the most useful and stylish camera bag I’ve ever used. In fact, I use mine even when I’m not carrying around my camera. The [...]


I spent this weekend in wine country with a couple dozen other amazing women at The Mighty Summit, in cabin number three. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time, and I’ve made some incredible new friends. I’ve also committed to learn how to sew and cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family. YIKES. I [...]

The good news

For those of you who heard the squeals of joy yesterday, it’s because pizza was on the menu in the cafeteria. PIZZA. Kind of like The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, except a little less religious and totally edible. MOM. DID YOU KNOW THERE IS PIZZA ON THE MENU. MOM. MOM. MOM. That’s what I [...]


This is my good friend Kate and Marlo’s good friend Luke. Kate had some girls over last night to watch Center Stage, but we got talking and next thing you know it was WAAAAAY past my bedtime. So she showed me the best dance scenes from the movie. We’ll watch the whole thing another time, [...]

Order Araneae, Class Arachnida

Me: “Oh my god, it’s 7:10! How did we sleep in so late?! Where’s Leta? Is the baby still alive?” Jon, awake and calmly reading the news on his iPad at the other side of the bed: “Everything’s fine. The baby is still asleep. I think I heard Leta get up and turn on the [...]

An afternoon spar

He may be eight and a half years old, but don’t count him out. Coco keeps him in shape. Or I guess I should say, Coco gives him no choice.