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There are worse ways to spend an afternoon

I developed a taste for beer when I was pregnant with Marlo (quick! call the police! or better! send me a stern email!), had never really been a beer drinker before then. So imagine my delight to discover this Mexican beer which has to be one of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. And not [...]


This was the dog local to our hotel in Mexico, and since he had one giant spot on his torso that’s what I called him. That I gave him a name infuriated Jon to no end because it showed I was making an attachment to this animal. So I’d coo and call him Spot over [...]

For my girls

The American Cancer Society, a sometimes sponsor of this website, recently asked if I’d bring attention to a campaign they are running called More Birthdays which is basically what it sounds like: doing what we can (finding cures, eating healthier, etc.) in an effort to live longer, to see more birthdays. And since today is [...]