• lueread

    Holy Crap! Win’s taller than you!

  • WhatForMomma

    My dear, you are positively blushing!

  • Maurina


    …. yeah, I’m kinda jealous. And deeeeeeeply impressed.

  • JJC220

    My six year old son just climbed on the couch while I was reading this and screams, “its Arcade Fire”!! He loves them, as does his mom and dad. Maybe one day we can give him these kinds of adventures. Lucky lucky you!!

  • jcgrome

    OK – I don’t know the band… but I will def check them out. I just really wanted to say that you look AMAZING in these photos. I have always been ascared of the whole black bra/see-thru shirt thingy but I think you may have given me the confidence to give it a shot. :-)

  • cwhitney8

    You have the coolest job in the world!!! I would have absolutely passed out in disbelief if my job of writing a blog got me backstage passes to a freakin ARCADE FIRE CONCERT. I don’t think anyone in the world has a cooler job than you. Seriously, if some divine being said “I can give you any job you want, such as becoming president”, I’d just ask to have the life of dooce!! I know your life isn’t perfect but DAMN you get some awesome perks and you deserve every last one! You work your ass off for these awesome opportunities! Keep up the hard work!

  • gogirl11

    What a GREAT story. You’re so lucky! Thank you for sharing, and for recreating all of the excitement. You’re a wonderful writer, Heather!

  • aWomanScorned

    Here’s why I am an avid reader/fan/recommender of Dooce. You never forget that there is so much in life to be overjoyed with. Gratitude for what you have is what makes you so real to all of us – even though we know you a creation of the LDS to promote plural marriage, hoards of children and a monopoly on caffeinated products.

  • msmildred

    Oh, Sugarleg, now I’ve got a new saying that no one will understand…who will get it when I talk about passing the drum stick along? LOVE IT!

  • smiling at crocodiles

    Awesome! Like cbdubs (earlier commenter), I have been reading for years. But yes, long time reader, first time poster.

    ‘Funeral’ is an awesome album – it changed things for me and captured my mid-twenties entirely.

    Am trying to bury my jealousy with happiness for you!!

  • globaljen

    A new band!!! Squee! I had heard of them but not heard them, thank you this heads-up. It is always so awesome (and butt-clenchingly embarrassing) when you meet your musical heroes! I once told Neil Finn (Crowded House) I couldn’t come to his gig admit was washing my hair. Oops.

    I know you don’t like solicitations but in this case I think it’s worth incurring your wrath, as I think you will enjoy this….. if you like Arcade Fire this much you may quite enjoy a Brit band called Hope & Social… Their latest album ‘April’ is a thing of Beauty. And even though I know them as friends, I still swoon when I see them backstage ;) They are just as adorable in real life, more so in fact. And they are totally nuts… arranging 150-fan flashmob/
    pub-crawl singing Living on a Prayer on the Leeds Town Hall steps as a Hells Angels wedding exits the building… followed by a gig with a 14piece jazz band accompanying their christmas concert. How can you not listen to them after hearing that?! Plus they have adorable Northern accents…

    A beautiful song from their last album here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D5waYtTe3k4s

    And April is here: http://music.hopeandsocial.com/album/april

    (and Jon, please fix the mobile site comments – Captcha isn’t loading and I had to drag out my rusty old laptop in order to post this comment. doh!)

  • doobrah

    You’ve got me crying living vicariously through you! I hope they did Rebellion (how could they not?) & Ready to Start. Would love to see them myself!

  • patrice108

    I didn’t read any of the comments so not sure if this was already brought up, and it’s such a stupid, minor point, but…

    I don’t use shazam, I use soundhound. and it’s great for concerts if you want to remember the set list, because it stores your history. so instead of writing it down or even typing it on a stupid note or text or whatever, you can just use shazam/soundhound and then the following morning, or that night (if you’re a nerd), you can see what the set list was.

  • patrice108

    oh and soundhound works even on stuff you’re just humming into your phone – it doesn’t need to be digital like someone said shazam needs.

    I promise I don’t work for soundhound. this message is actually brought to you by Suave(tm).

  • mjryates

    So jealous! I love Arcade Fire and you are so lucky to get so close. Great pictures! I get to see them in Indy in a couple weeks. Lucky for me it’s in downtown and not in the stinking suburbs. :)

  • rocketbride

    i was so jealous when i started this post, but somehow knowing that you were just as awed and overwhelmed by them makes it better. because who couldn’t love the arcade fire? i saw them last summer in toronto, and they’re not even my favourite band but it was far and away my favourite concert. i loved everything about it and everything about them.

    that was my first time seeing them, and it was really funny because they played the folk festival circuit only a few years ago, so i honestly had no idea they were so popular(!). i kept looking around this completely packed field, wondering who all these other 9,998 jerks were. :)

    i actually had a very similar experience to your “meeting will moment” with my favourite band, broken social scene, but this post is already long enough. congratulations! on everything!

  • melliepete

    dude! my husband was the kid in the front row you handed the drumstick to! he really appreciated it, by the way. he was lying in bed the night before the show trying to scheme a way to get a drumstick so you were his knight in shining armour.

  • melliepete

    ok me again. my husband didn’t think i sounded excited enough in my comment (but i did use two exclamation points), but he thought it was really really awesome for you to give him the drumstick!!!!!! (ok is that enough?) we thank you and karma and will be sure to pass some luck along soon.

  • cattail722

    Sooooooooooooooooo jealous!!! This band is so amazing live, and you got to meet them!!!!! So happy for you.

  • lunadiosa

    Heather, please check out the song “This is the Dream of Win & Regine” by the band Final Fantasy on their album Has a Good Home. It is my most favorite song ever, and HAS to be about the people in this band. How many couples from Montreal are named Win & Regine? Maybe a lot…I don’t know…but it seems like more than coincidence.

  • Ljaxon

    You look super cute, Heather, except for that orange “Member’s Only” jacket you’re gripping in all the pics.

  • lilywhites05

    OMG I have been away from my computer for a few days and this story TOTALLY MADE MY DAY. I love Arcade Fire and you look like a rock’n'roll badass in that outfit. Well played dooce.

  • Scott-5×5

    You are a MASTER story teller. That one was damn good to read. It’s stellar entries like this that put you on the path to going to concerts like that!

  • Jenni

    You SLUT! omg I can’t believe Arcade Fire got to see your bra! I’m so jealous. Wait. I saw your bra. Hmpf. And there is no WAY that girl is pregnant enough to have already had that baby! It’s like a cruel long thought-out awesome joke.

  • newgyptian


  • babsinepsd

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Arcade Fire sooooo much! Thanks for sharing the sroty and all the great photos!

  • luv and kiwi

    You lucky daughter of a gun! You rock for giving the drumstick to someone else…I don’t know if I would have been that savvy about luck and the fucked up ways it works out.