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Because this was too long for twitter

Leta: “Mom, Dad?” Both of us: “Yes, sweetie?” Leta: “Did maps exist when you were my age?” [HOLY SHIT I'M ONLY 36, NOT 90.] Me: “Yes. Yes they did. But some things have changed since then. When I was your age there was a country in Europe called Czechoslovakia. Now that country is two different [...]

Guest bed

The door to the guest room will not stay open, but when it swings back it doesn’t close all the way. The dogs will often nudge it open to go nap on the bed, and then they get stuck in the room. Because they aren’t smart enough to know how to swing the door back [...]


Leta’s piano lessons have pretty much surpassed my skill level, so Jon has to take over when she practices. Look at the two of them, dressed alike even. This house is so full of ARMSTRONG.