• gandhimom

    I was clinically depressed for several years. Every year around Christmas, we’d watch “It’s a Wonderful Life,” except I called it “It’s a Wonderful Lie.” There was no way people could be kind or care about me.

    I am better now. I watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” every year and I weep with happiness, not only because I love Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed’s dress at the end, but because I’m mentally healthier and, indeed, I’ve found a path to wonderfulness.

  • tgibson

    God, I LOVE the movie ELF! I’m nuts but I also love the frenzy at all the shopping malls! I don’t necessarily partake in the shopping frenzy but it’s SO fun to watch!

  • stationaryrunner

    I understand why you might not like the ubiquitous Christmas music… but I don’t understand how you can love Donnie and Marie Osmond. Maybe you are being sarcastic. Yes, that must be it.

    Love: Christmas lights, hot chocolate, decorating the Christmas tree, the holiday cups at Starbucks, holiday cookies with sparkly sprinkles (even though I can’t eat them), the anticipation, watching movies like “Love, Actually” and “Elf”

    Hate: Buying presents, having my family camp out on my couch for an entire week

  • prestonk9

    - All the twinkly lights
    - My trees. I have 3 fake trees of different sizes that look like douglas firs, that I decorate with different themes.
    - Watching Elf and Bad Santa
    - I love Christmas music! I like the non-traditional ones best though (Sufjan Stevens anyone?)
    - Watching other people open presents I gave them
    - Our annual Christmas photo card – I try to be creative and funny
    - Buying new ornaments for next year!

    Least Favorites:
    - Shopping. I’m not good at it and it stresses me out
    - Wrapping present. I always think I’ll watch a movie while I do it and it’ll be fun! But it’s never fun. I like the results though.
    - Black Friday, Cyber Monday, In Debt Wednesday…
    - The day after Christmas blues.

  • Jan

    Least favorite things
    -Inflatable yard ornaments!
    -Greedy, spoiled and ungrateful kids
    -Having to buy an adult something they don’t need or probably want
    -The TV puppet version of Amahl and the Night Visitor… or really, any version… I don’t know why.
    -People who believe that Jesus was born on December 25 and refuse to listen when you tell them the early church in Rome probably selected the date in the early 4th century to replace winter solstice and Saturnalia celebrations. Since we don’t know the real date, what’s wrong with a symbolic one?
    -The dress my mother made me out of unlined red wool with narrow sleeves when I asked for green velvet that flared out at the wrists
    -Taking down the tree ornaments

    Favorite things
    -The look on kids’ face as they race downstairs to the tree
    -Really gaudy Christmas light displays, just not including inflatables.
    -“Granma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”
    -Lying under a lit-up, real Christmas tree in the dark
    -Listening for the sound of bells at night even though I haven’t believed in Santa since I was four years old
    -Finding unusual items for other people’s stocking stuffers
    -The chemistry set I got when I was seven, although I mostly made invisible ink and a liquid that predicted clear or rainy weather (blue or pink)
    -Putting on the tree ornaments

    So agree with the comments about not being able to afford gifts and the economy and general excess. Really prefer no gifts among adults unless handmade, and not giving the kids a lot of plastic junk.

  • Jan


    I realize that some of my comments in the two categories contradict one another, but that’s nostalgia vs. current reality. Oh, and I never got a Creepy Crawler kit either.

  • cassidy.stockton

    I don’t have kids, so no doubt this will change as time goes on…
    -smell of pine needles
    -breaking out my childhood ornaments
    -baking cookies
    -eating cookies
    -Harry Potter

    -freezing rain
    -the feeling like you overspent on the holidays and the debt is going to crush you with its evil dollar signs…

  • Kristina

    I love to wrap presents. Especially with that bendable ribbon, but I heard Utah gets more snow than Michigan, so you’re on your own.

    Fresh baked cookies. My husband makes fantastic cookies.
    The smell of Wassail brewing in the crock pot.
    Finding that special ornament to get for my son Dylan. He gets a new one every year, that represents something special from the year.
    Arranging presents under the tree so they are just right.
    Wrapping and decorating presents.
    Getting cards every day in the mail.
    Using sealing wax on the envelopes of the cards I send.

    Least Favorites:
    Blow up decorations.
    Fake trees.
    Fruit cake.
    The mess my husband leaves after he makes his delicious cookies.
    Not being able to get more and do more for my children.
    Driving on snow or ice.

  • jaimalaya

    I’ve always loved Christmas so, so much. It was always the family and the food (lasagna and fried chicken in my house)and the time spent together. It’s the cookies and lights and even the music. Yes, I love Christmas music.
    And as my kids have gotten older, though I will never, never have one in my front yard, I’ve learned to appreciate the giant, blow-up decorations, if only for the joy they can bring to my son’s face.

  • full contact knitter

    Half full:
    lobsters and mother-in-law’s onion dip
    putting baby jesus from the manger set at mother-in-law’s house on the roof and a sheep in the bed. Or putting a camel on the roof just to hear her shout, “Who keeps doing this?!”
    Lindt chocolates
    Peppermint bark
    The Xmas ornament of a fish wearing a set of antlers and a red Rudoplh nose

    Half empty:
    working in retail
    Xmas music on November 1st
    finding new routes to the mall to avoid traffic
    Having to point out to people that Xmas movies are designed to rip your heart out, make you cry and then finish by saying everything is fine (Life is better than death, the angel gets his wings, Scrooge forced to love Xmas, Gift of the Magi). Xmas movies are cockteases.

  • wilbers82

    I HATE Christmas music. Ten years of retail work will do that to ya. Oh, also Christmas stuff in stores before Halloween is over. I used to say Thanksgiving, but that’s just a losing battle.