• bmarten

    I too have often obsessed over what the whiskers are for and what would happen if you plucked them! I never done it though, that would be cruel :)


  • RathrBeAtWrigley

    My corgi has one lone black chin whisker and I pluck it all the time. They freak me out too, Cami.

  • christine1127

    When Cami is 40 or so, she will understand stray whiskers. I imagine dogs are much like humans in that when we age, we grow weird hairs where they never used to be.

  • Petri Dish

    Sheeeeat, that convo actually made me LOL. Where can I get me one of these “Cami’s” anyhow?

  • Circe74

    Listen, what up, I’m 37, which means that now *I* have random whiskers growing out of MY body. Anyone plucked them but me, and I’d bite their hand, too.

    And yeah, my dog, Max, has some weirdo whiskers growing.. but he’s 63, so he’s entitled.

  • Circe74

    Ha! Just noticed Christine1127′s comment. PRECISELY!

  • shan.h

    I call Kiyah’s her Chinese chin hair.
    Gives it a life of its own really.

  • Lauren3

    Have you learned nothing in the past decade, blobber? PHOTO NEEDED, PLEASE. Also, more Cami outfits. They went away, and this is disappointing.

  • Heatherface

    Just fyi, there are cars with curb feelers here in Los Angeles, but only the cars of old people have them because they stopped installing them on cars decades ago. Cars are just so big these days, the curb feeler probably wouldn’t even reach the curb. So now people just crunch their hubcap into the curb or drive up on it to realize they’re too close.

  • slappyintheface

    It’s the “catfish whisker” … a lot of dogs have them … and if you get too close they will spit it into your face like a porcupine on meth.

  • Fawn Weaver

    Funny! I thought you were having a conversation with Suri and those responses were a little scary. Whiskers…hmmm….never thought about what they might be for. Let’s see. Keeping things out of their nose similar to our eye lashes for our eyes? I know, that’s not it but just thought I’d give it a try.


  • alanmill

    Of course cars have (had) curb feelers. Wikepedia has an entire article on them. I think they were eliminated when they put mirrors on the passenger side.

  • strawberrygoldie

    My best friend from back in the day (I was 12) had a housekeeper/babysitter named Mary. She was large, and grouchy, and scary as hell. She had a navy blue ’79 Crown Vic with bodacious curb feelers all around. We delighted in the sheer terror of TWANNNNGING them until she burst out of the door heading straight for us with glowing eyes of red.

    Ah to be 12 again.

    Never in a million years…

  • cayayofm

    This. Was. HILARIOUS!

  • fishsticked

    You’re still hanging out with her?! Isn’t she, you know, immature?

    That’s what the internet tells me.

  • sunnyday04

    Who in their right mind would let a dog live in the house and sleep on furniture!?


  • subjectivitis

    I need a curb feeler.

  • RaineWalker

    My basenji has those curb feelers. One set on each cheek and one set on his chin. Then I checked my shiba inu’s face and found he had the same three sets (just harder to find in the fur). Then I looked at my chihuahua and realized I have too many dogs.

  • girlplease

    Curb feeler? Cami, obviously you’ve never had or seen a 1976-1985 American car in the ‘hood.