• PamBo

    Oooh, I want to read that first one! HAHAHAHA!

  • PamBo

    Wow, My first comment ever on your page and it is the only one so far! Yay me! Love your site! it took me about 3 months to get to “now” I feel so empty inside now that I can’t read your site for a little each day to get caught up!

  • tbean2401

    This was one of the funniest posts I have read in a very long time. Almost broke a rib trying not to laugh out loud at work. It is my Monday and it has been a long one. Thank you!

  • ADDGirl

    Obviously the president has a vampire to deal with “tricky” foreign policy. He wouldn’t need to necessarily come to the White-house, just do the president’s bidding. I think I missed that episode of Buffy….

  • LDD

    Funny stuff!! I needed a sarcastic pick-me-up, so thank you. And where is Cami today? I could use some crazy-ass/genius fashion to brighten my day. I went to her site and looked at some recent posts I hadn’t seen…man, I need some orange shoes.

  • waitimaprincess

    OK The President’s Vampire made me burst out laughing. Can you imagine vampire hunters catching him and him all indignant, “Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? I am the PRESIDENT’S vampire.” Smug blood sucker. In my mind he’s either Keifer Sutherland’s David in Lost Boys or Eddie Murphy’s Maximillian in Vampire in Brooklyn. Wait, shit, did I just admit that I watched that? And am I now thinking that David and Maximillian will have a vampire battle on the Ellipse for the White House because a black president deserves a black vampire? Damn, I’m bored. And slightly politically incorrect.

  • filmlady

    Yay Heather! Comments are open again!

    Speaking of vampires, I just saw the trailer last weekend for Dark Shadows. Johnny Depp. It looks funny as hell, and not unintentionally funny, either. That’s a good sign.

    How come MY local CVS doesn’t have all this crap next to the pharmacy? Time to move.

  • Doghouse Mama

    Oh good God! So funny! I just love these books. In my house, books like “How to ravish a rake” and “husband hunters” were referred to as crotch novels. I have one classy family!

  • acbug3

    The President’s Vampire is actually a pretty fun read. Blood Oath is the first book in the trilogy and the third one isn’t out yet.

  • sylla_asylum

    Thanks for that one! I really needed the pick-me-up.

    Hang in there yourself, Heather.


  • crivens

    No, it’s like that old cartoon where the music escapes from the staff to go drink in another nearby piece of music. The Other Daughter is obviously going to Catch A Cowboy, while the President’s Vampire (BADASS) is on a Husband Hunt using the first command of the vampire, which is Thou Shalt Kill. Then, the Icon Thief, using only the icons for Recycle Bin, iTunes and Microsoft Office, will Ravish a Rake, only to find out that no actual rakes are involved.

    It. Will. Be. EPIC.

  • tidw0516

    Ok, so the title isn’t great, but The Other Daughter (like pretty much every other Lisa Gardner book) is a pretty good read if you like murder/suspense books.

    At least it doesn’t involve sex with a rake.

  • LittlestFinch

    There’s a book called “Reforming a Rake” where the main character has my exact name. I attempted to read it, got about eight pages in, realized the character also resembles me and was both too creeped out by that and too horrified by the writing to continue reading the book. I’ll always wonder if some Harlequin romance novelist was secretly spying on me when she wrote that book.

  • J. Bo

    The only thing more hilarious than these books and your commentary is the fact that YOU FOUND THEM WHILE WAITING FOR HIGHLY PERSONAL PILLS.

    Life is abjectly painful at times, but blessed absurdity can come along and save the day when you least expect it.

  • anne_cunningham

    my Pharm is located inside a very large grocery store. today, for my wait time and i suppose the bulk i spent on RXs, i received a coupon for a free rotisserie chicken, which was FANTASTIC … because my grand girls are here with me for their spring break from elementary school. tonight we were going to have a tent in the living room and camp out eating homemade pizza, but THE PHARMACY TOOK TOO LONG so instead we had this glorious rotiss chicken! –now that they’ve been zonked (FOR.HOURS!!!!) and i’ve finished working, i have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LAUGH!

  • Pandora Has A Box

    I have three thoughts (at this moment about this post):

    1)If we were ever to go to a bookstore together, we’d most likely get kicked out or they’d call the EMS because we’d be having apoplexy on the floor.

    2)Who reads this crap?

    3)Who writes this crap?

  • Pandora Has A Box


  • StarrAmbrose

    Sorry to be late – I had to quit lurking and sign up just to answer this one. I write this crap, Pandora! And I don’t take offense at sniping at covers, because I do it, too. Authors don’t choose their covers. They often don’t choose their titles, either. The contents you can blame us for – but please read it first, because it may have little or nothing to do with that cover!

  • Pandora Has A Box

    @StarrAmbrose…fair enough and well said. Since I haven’t written anything, it is unfair to criticize, and of course, your reminder is apt. We can’t judge a book by its cover. (Well, we can judge the cover by its cover; just not the contents)