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New Tunes – Perfume Genius

I just checked my music archives because I was sure that I had already featured the work of Perfume Genius here (stage name for a solo artist out of Seattle named Mike Hadreas), and I’m stunned that I haven’t. If ever there were a voice or a sound to give words to the last several [...]

I believe in miracles

This is Harry, Chris and Carol’s son. Harry is now 12, but I’ve known him since he was four. On the Fourth of July I approached him with my camera and without any provocation he waved at me. Harry is a painfully shy boy who has never said hello to me or even acknowledged my [...]


Chuck begrudgingly endures this treatment. Right after I took this photo Marlo headed for Coco to give her some love, and Coco ran like lightning out of the room to hide in the pantry. I guess there is an unspoken rule that the sheep and the herding dog do not commingle.