New Tunes – Perfume Genius

I just checked my music archives because I was sure that I had already featured the work of Perfume Genius here (stage name for a solo artist out of Seattle named Mike Hadreas), and I’m stunned that I haven’t. If ever there were a voice or a sound to give words to the last several months of my life, this is the guy. I will probably not be able to listen to this album in a few years without feeling an instant pang in my chest and an irresistible urge to bawl, but right now his voice holds my heavy head like my mom once did when I was tired or feeling sick.

I have to share at least two songs with you. The first is “Take Me Home” and the part where he jumps up into his falsetto on the word “fool” is exactly what it sounds like in my head when I feel like hiding in the corner of my room.

Take me home, tend me
Babe you let me down easy
For I have grown weary on my own

The next one is called “Dark Parts” and that’s his mom in the video and when they get to the part where he’s reaching his hand out to pull her up into the tree I had to lie and tell my assistant that it was nothing I am just on my period because that is somehow less embarrassing?

I will take the dark part
Of your heart into my heart