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Forget chickens, I’m getting a cat

Today I had to address the mountain of paperwork growing on my desk because I’ve seen the hoarding shows, and if you let things go long enough all of a sudden a possum is hiding somewhere in that stack and is going to be pissed when you find him. Also,…

Back to school

It should come as no surprise that my oldest child is somewhat picky about clothing…

Knock knock

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Up and over

Ever since fracturing my foot during the NYC marathon last November, I’ve had nothing but difficulty establishing a consistent workout schedule.


He doesn’t even care anymore.


Now, THERE is the sister wife I know and love!

In the land of

I did a 10-mile run with a friend who lives over by the capitol and we started the route from her home…

Stuff I found while looking around

Highlights: Gorgeous portfolio, goats on things, bikinis meet their match: Matches between bathing suits and books.

Comfy T

Cami, BYU is going to take you off of their alumni mailing list if you continue to wear shorts that violate the ten commandments.
Shirt: Gap mens shirts
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Heels: Aldo
Leather clutch: Rallph
Bracelets: Susan Hanover Designs (enter…

It’s all good

Chuck did one of the following: locked Marlo’s door, set up a barbed wire fence, chained her to the bed, cast a spell, smoked a doobie. You’ll never guess which.
click image above to see the photo on dooce.comby dooce in Daily Chuck© Armstrong Media, …