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In the pink of condition

Inspired by my second born’s favorite color.

Brighton before the blizzard

Coming out the western side of Guardsman Pass before heading down into the valley: a postcard from Utah.

New tunes

This week: Kaskade, Yeasayer, Moving Mountains, San Cisco, and Dan Croll.

Yes, Sir approves

Tish, it really is a nifty photo on Instagram.

She did it again

This four-year-old has never seen a camera in her life, obviously.

Automatic for the people

Just when you thought you couldn’t adore this kid more.

Out among the Aspens

In the running to be one of my favorite photos of the year.

The little bed that could

Indestructible and it’s not even made out of Kevlar.

Your mailing address, please

Friends and family are going to be like, whoa. Heather knows how to use the Postal Service?

Oops, there it is

How Chuck did not end up covered in spines is a holy religious miracle.