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New Tunes – Typhoon

If my dad listens to this song he’s going to think, “I did not raise my daughter to listen to this crap.”

Dane came back! Dane came back!

Unsure now how to feel about the return of his best friend.

Fourth grade

The obligatory first day of school portrait that was happily invaded by someone who wasn’t starting school.

Featured community question that speaks to a work related injury

Fifty million forms of social media is sadly an understatement.

Forever my puppy

In dog years he’s older than my father.

Countertop adventures

I don’t think determination is a value I’m going to need to reinforce with this one.

The beginning of heavy textbooks

And now I have the soundtrack to Dora the Explorer stuck in my head.

We interrupt this game of fetch

No, that’s okay. I wanted you to collect all of those leaves in your coat and drop them on the floor in the kitchen.


Adorable, content, and doesn’t have to pay a staggering utility bill.

You can probably tell I’m still a little tired

WARNING: do not procreate if you value coherent thoughts of thinking to the huh?