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My mother calls this payback

Who needs game consoles and tablets and iPhones when there are free imaginations?


I may sometimes frighten her friends, but something tells me I can remedy that.

Red, white and blue

It was an early Sunday morning so her glasses were sleeping in.

Your basic chicken salad

The delicious staple of my diet that does not ever get boring or lose its ability to fill me up.

Before it all melted

Today the backyard is no longer white and Chuck’s heart is no longer black.

Earnest blogging

Don’t blame me for all this light-hearted humming I’m doing. Blame Brené Brown. It’s all her fault and she needs to come clean.

Sorry I said anything

I should know better than to invite the Universe to screw with us through weather, but it’s worth it for the look on Chuck’s face.

Look, ma. No snow!

This isn’t to rub it in, it’s to celebrate and give thanks to a weather pattern that has given our heating system a welcome reprieve.

Cornish–Windsor Covered Bridge

Oh, look! The oldest and longest single covered span to carry automobile traffic in the United States.

Stuff I found while looking around

(Last) week’s link roundup.