• kmpinkel

    Go Dooce! I, too, might be willing to run a half marathon, especially in Tanzania! Beautiful cause, beautiful location, beautiful you!

  • amboslambo

    I support this SO MUCH because 1) I am studying to be a midwife, 2) I am in love with Every Mother Counts, and 3)I am currently pregnant so it really hits home. Cue the ugly tears. I fucking love you.

  • Anu

    More power to you!! Will gladly donate. I visited Tanzania and climbed Kilimanjaro in 2009 and it was the most amazing experience of my life. For me, life there was very reminiscent of rural India and Bangladesh where healthcare is at its bare minimum. Am sure you will have memories for a lifetime once you visit and personally see the difference you are making.

  • Cara

    I can attest that your posts about Marlo’s birth led me to look more into my options, and I wound up doing a natural birth in a birthing center for my second child. I cannot say enough about the experience and want to say THANK YOU for leading me down that path!

  • Meg

    I knew Larabar was giving you items but I didn’t know they were also donating! That’s awesome.

  • Lisa

    Bravo, Heather! As much as I enjoy your writing and love reading stories about your children, it’s things like this that keep me coming back to your blog. You’ve built an incredible platform, and while I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s your duty to use it for the greater good, I for one very much appreciate your willingness to do so. Donated!

  • jrags

    I just put on my calendar to run 13.1 miles on March 1. I’ll be doing it in my hometown in EMC’s honor. I’m about to donate as well. Thanks for all your work.

  • Rebecca Fleur Lockwood

    A half will be easy if you’ve already been training for two months. Its my favourite distance. I am sure you will enjoy this. You MUST read “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. It is brilliant and so much more than a running book and it will be especially interesting because you will be running in Africa. READ IT (if you haven’t already!) It will inspire you!!!

  • Heather Armstrong

    I devoured “Born to Run” after I ran the marathon in 2011. Such a fantastic book. Thinking I’ll read it again before I head to Africa.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Thank you so much! I’ll be thinking of your generosity at around mile 11 when I’ll want to lie down.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Thank you for donating. This platform has brought me so many incredible experiences and I just feel a sense of obligation to pay it forward in every way possible.

  • Heather Armstrong

    They’ve been amazing to work with and so generous which has made me even more loyal if that was even possible.

  • Heather Armstrong

    I am so happy for you! This means so much to me.

  • Heather Armstrong

    I fucking love you back.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Insert giant toothy smile here. Thank you.

  • Heather Armstrong

    I’ve never been to Africa and am exited to witness everything, but I’m mostly eager to visit the programs EMC is helping to fund. They’re really careful about investing in programs that are already established and doing good work on the ground. It’s always inspiring to see because you look at what they’re doing and it’s like, things *can* be fixed. Things *can* get better.

  • http://www.madamvonsassypants.wordpress.com/ Madam Von Sassypants

    Once all those women have safe and healthy pregnancy and birthing experiences, then their children can grow up to fetch them a hot dog or two.

    All jokes aside, thanks so much Heather for sharing your experiences and using them to make differences in the world. When you stop and think about it, it’s truly amazing what the internet can do. Huge props, and good luck in the half marathon!

  • Jan

    I never had children but so enjoy reading about the joy you get from yours and the support you get from your family in raising them. I had a cousin who once won the Boston Marathon in his age group of 50 and over; he was 72 at the time. A doctor once told me I had the skeletal frame of an Olympic Athlete and proclaimed it a ‘gift from God’. I don’t think he noticed my flat feet but some type of run is on my bucket list. In the meantime, I can type and a supportive donation has been made to your very worthy cause. Please know that one of the Anonymous donations was made with great respect and love for you by my ass.