Petite Fille

Cami named her adopted cat Fille, the French word for girl.

Leather dress

At first I was going to say something about the colors here, that they look as delicious as a raspberry tart.

Comfy Cozy Autumn

For Halloween, Cami is going as the movie Grey Gardens.

Sixties inspired

“Second orange dress of the week I know, but there is an explanation! I was looking at Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2013…

Leather jacket

I am loving this look, especially in the shot to the right. It’s like, yeah. I know.


And the hate mail begins in three, two, one…

And she shall be known as “Fille”

Cami and her fiancé recently moved to up to Salt Lake City from Provo into an apartment about a mile from here, one that allows pets.


“I guess it’s finally fall and it’s getting colder which means I have to wear pants or jeans. I have a really hard time with this …”

Little black dress

I love it most when Cami styles herself to look like an actress from the Sixties, even though she’s Eighties to the core.

Purple trench

Looked like a purple people eater to me!