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This week’s link roundup.

The only time you will ever hear me recommend a pair of crocs

In an effort to save a few extra dollars every month I’ve set the thermostat in the house a few degrees cooler than I have in winters past…

November 2012

The Life and Love of Cats

UGH. I’m becoming a cat person, you guys.

August 2012

Tuesday’s Top Pick

Nothing has to die to make it happen.

July 2012

That van down there by the river

Hello, this is your captain speaking: the following is an administrative post to let you know that I have the very tip of my nose above water and that’s just about it. The rest of my body is frozen in a motionless state underneath the surface. Little fish are nipping at my fingers and toes, [...]

Custom thank you cards

A little over two years ago I featured Jeni Shirley’s work after receiving one of her cards in the mail. She’s a fellow Utahn who has built a small business out of hand-stitching intricate images onto cards. It’s called Stitched and I love it so much I want to wrap my arms around it and [...]

June 2012