Obamacare for the win!

Every time I look at my insurance card I do a little happy dance that resembles an awkward but victorious polka.

More purple

“Purple People Eater” is the ongoing soundtrack to this home.

A quick game of let’s give mom a heart attack

It’s like trying to keep track of tiny glass slippers and NO WONDER Cinderella’s stepmom was so uptight.

Someone got new eyewear

One of the many terrifying faces of Obamacare.

Sans les lunettes

I know. You’re wondering where her glasses are. You are not alone.

Guess who broke her glasses again

A certain someone doesn’t really care if she can’t see two feet in front of her face.

Bespectacled buddies

Bring it on, cold weather. We’ve got blankets, movies and a positive attitude that is totally going to work.

What say you, cat?

It’s not just me who can’t resist seeing what this feline will let me get away with.

The better to humiliate you with

Another trip to the thrift store, another Elton John costume.

Elton Dog

“Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, in fact it’s cold as hell.”