A year in landscapes, 2014

The second installment of a new tradition: snapshots of Utah every month for a year.

Stuff I found while looking around

In this week’s edition: Tinder profiles recreated, photos of modern-day Dandies, some of the brilliant writing and acting on “Parks and Recreation,” and the dog costume to beat all dog costumes.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.

A peek inside my playground

Here are the two apps I use to edit almost every photo I post to Instagram and which of their tools I like best.

A year in landscapes

Snapshots of Utah every month for a year.

Fall Break 2013

My favorite type of vacation with the kids, although the world traveler in me is so excited about the possibility of showing them more.

Yes, Sir approves

Tish, it really is a nifty photo on Instagram.

Cumberland River

A view of the waterway that flows through Kentucky and northern Tennessee.

Another footie

Stopping long enough to admire the workmanship below my feet.

Featured community question that speaks to a work related injury

Fifty million forms of social media is sadly an understatement.