A year in landscapes, 2014

Last year I started a new tradition of taking and then posting a landscape-like photo in Utah to Instagram once every month to capture what it’s like in this little corner of the world during that time of year. It’s a totally personal project, a challenge that I really enjoy every time the first of the month rolls around, and something I can only hope my followers enjoy even a fraction as much as I do. Sure, all the selfies I post revealing my bounteous cleavage get the most likes, and all those photos of me standing in front of a full-length mirror trying to showcase the magnificent enormity of my butt are popular, too. But people need to learn to jack-off to a mountain covered in snow.

Like, come on, humanity. Get creative.

I call it a challenge because I may see a scene at the beginning of the month that I like and post it then. And my self-imposed rules are that I cannot post two in one month. Yes, I impose arbitrary rules on the most meaningless aspects of my life. What else am I going to do with my time? So if I see a scene later in the month that is even better, even more representative, then I lost that gamble. But if I wait until it’s almost too late I have to settle for something I normally wouldn’t want to post. This year I lost that gamble in October, for sure. Posted way too early. But looking at that photo I remember being really overwhelmed at the time. Stamping it with the logo of the dog pooping silhouette and moving on.

Overall I’m satisfied with how this tradition turned out this year.