Attack of the little sister, again

As for Marlo, she earns an allowance by hunting wildlife in the backyard and selling the fur on Etsy.

Working on her technique

This position is known as “I totally give up but will remain completely delightful while doing so.”

Second position

This has to be one of my favorite portraits I’ve taken of Marlo’s childhood even though in reality she is as graceful as an inebriated fawn.

She is a human

You can’t see the princess shoes but they are there and they are AMAZING.

A surprise visit

This baby is better than a tumblr that’s full of nothing but pictures of kittens being cuddled by bear cubs.

Whatever you do, Marlo, don’t smile

She will stand there and let me take her picture but she most certainly does not have to be happy about it.

Winter? What winter?

Winter sports enthusiasts are mourning the lack of snow but here we’ve taken to celebration.

Someone got new eyewear

One of the many terrifying faces of Obamacare.

What did YOU do this weekend?

What should you do before you have kids? Travel, eat, sleep, blahblahblah MARVEL AT HOW LITTLE YOU DO LAUNDRY.

An ode to co-sleeping

If sleeping with our children is what evolution intended, then evolution is intent on wiping out our species.