For your man

I know he’s begging for another cat, but you are the voice of reason in his life. None of these things require a litter box.

Atomic number 29

This color reminds me of pretty much the entire first half of the Eighties.


Spring is just six days away. I’m not excited at all.

Since the whole house is already littered with it

My girls have been trying to send me a message.

Last minute ideas

For the procrastinators up in here.

For him

Normally I’d suggest you tell the guy in your life to go to the Apple store or REI or some electronics store and just pick something out already.

Flashback Summer

“I know some of you are probably vomiting in your mouths right now because of this 80s dress, but I missed the 80s! I love finding vintage pieces and making them my own by throwing on some modern accessories and heels. The drapery, color, and pattern on this dress….so fun! Sorry for the flashback!” Cami, [...]