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For your man

Would your guy be totally embarrassed if a huge bouquet of roses showed up at his workplace on Valentine’s Day? Because if he would then you have a moral obligation to make that happen and sign the card with, “Have a wonderful day, Peaches! Love, Mom.”

In addition to that here are a few ideas. My two favorites: one, the coffeegrams from Tonx, such a unique idea from a company that truly understands the process and experience of the morning cup of coffee. I love their enthusiasm and spirit for a daily ritual so many of us share.

Two, when I finished reading Mountains Beyond Mountains, a book about Paul Farmer (doctor, Harvard professor and founder of Partners in Health) I immediately read it again. I feel totally transformed by this man and his mission. The depth of his humanity will knock you over again and again. I want to share this book and dissect it with everyone I know. Is it an odd choice for a male gift guide? No. In fact, when you read it you’ll think it should have been the only thing on here.

1. Crossknit Long-sleeve tee $49.50

2. City neighborhood typography maps $24

3. Leather Luggage Tag $15

4. Nautica Men’s Six Piece Manicure Gift Set In Wooden Valet Box $24.99

5. Softest Throw $49

6. Michael Kors MK8309 Men’s Watch $130.85

7. Octopus Salt & Pepper Shakers $12

8. Jack Black All-Over Wash $46

9. Tonx Valentine’s Day coffeegrams $19

10. Mountains Beyond Mountains $9.99

11. The Devil in the White City $8.99

12. AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories $10.49

13. Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone (Black) $379.95

14. Leather Case Cover with Leather Belt+buckle for the Ipad $14.50

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