Newsletter: Month Forty-nine

Dear Leta, Yesterday you turned forty-nine months old. I’m sure that the next several months will hold the true answer to what I’m about to say, but if I had to guess I’d say that four is going to be so much better than three. The difference in your mood from your last few days [...]

Newsletter: Month forty-eight

Dear Leta, You are now four years old. To celebrate we gathered all the aunts, uncles and cousins on my side of the family to eat pizza and birthday cake, although you didn’t have a single bite of either. Why? Because that would have made sense? I’ve stopped trying to figure you out. Sometimes when [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty-seven

Dear Leta, A few days ago you turned forty-seven months old. I know this newsletter is a little late this month, but that can be blamed entirely on the savage way the Christmas holiday disrupted our lives, bah humbug. The last three weeks have been an endless string of family parties and dinners and driving [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty-six

Dear Leta, Yesterday you turned forty-six months old. I’m not sure where the last thirty days went, cannot believe that there are only three weeks until Christmas, but that’s not something I’m allowed to bring up in front of you because that means there’s only three weeks until that strange, gray-haired man breaks into the [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty-five

Dear Leta, A few days ago you turned forty-five months old. Let’s see, what happened this month, hmm, let me think… is it worth mentioning that you have been sleeping with a Fisher-Price tape deck for the past week? Considering the vast array of ridiculous objects you have slept with in your life, this one [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty-four

Dear Leta, Today you turn forty-four months old. One morning early this month you woke up, took a look around your bed and suddenly realized that it was not, in fact, barricaded by an electrically-charged barbwire fence. And I guess you were overcome by the enormous fortune of that, maybe you sat there for a [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty-three

Dear Leta, A couple of days ago you turned forty-three months old. I get a lot of email that asks me why I count your age in months, and the truth is, I do not have a good answer to this question. Because it’s easier than counting your age in days? Because if I wrote [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty-two

Dear Leta, Today you turn forty-two months old. Something happened this month, some switch was flipped, and your personality now resembles more a three-year-old and less a toothless, arthritic geriatric. Suddenly we are parents of a kid who will not sit still, and this is uncomfortably new for us. You have always been a pretty [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty-one

Dear Leta, Today you turn forty-one months old, and wait a minute, I don’t even remember the last time I wrote you a newsletter on the third day of the month. Usually I’m way behind schedule and writing you two or three or eight days after you have turned another month old, and let me [...]

Newsletter: Month Forty

Dear Leta, A few days ago you turned forty months old, and just yesterday you started pre school. This is something we have wanted to get you involved with for a while, mostly because you already know everything and more than I did when I started kindergarten, and I’m pretty sure you’re bored here at [...]