The saddest day in all of the land

Parenting wins rarely occur without an accompanying, disproportionate parenting fail.

Che gelida manina

Today’s enriching cultural lesson is brought to you by La bohème.

My golden retriever

What? Don’t you play in water wearing your best Sunday dress?

Ms. Lola

Lola is too young to read my website, but maybe her sister will share this with her: BOOGERS!

The teen years

That one and this one were here to help celebrate Leta’s birthday and spread Mormon cheer.

Bespectacled buds

I hope that when Gigi pulls up my website and sees this that she throws her fist in the air. Virtual high five, Gigi!

The older siblings

The adrenaline rush from a birthday can make you tolerate a host of things that would normally make you barf.

Double digits

02-03-04, the single most transformative day of my life.

You’re going to hear her roar

Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.

Attack of the little sister, again

As for Marlo, she earns an allowance by hunting wildlife in the backyard and selling the fur on Etsy.