The spring of our discontent

Deceptively beautiful Kryptonite hanging from a tree. I can no longer lift cars or stop moving trains or seduce Lois Lane.

Because it’s 79 degrees outside

Today on our corporate campus we moved the lunch service to the back patio. For morale!

Alert the floriculturists!

Unfortunately they were born one of Marlo’s favorite colors so their lifespan is in serious danger.

It’s time we lobby Congress to get rid of this natural occurrence

I won’t name any names, but I’m writing this specifically for you. And you and you and you.

No filter

Remember a world without Instagram filters?

May showers

Starring Tom Cruise as the hero who reverses global warming and saves the earth.

The color of the day

Now the color of the trees match her entire wardrobe.

Bring on the May flowers

The end of the endless April showers.

That strange new neighbor

Don’t have such a beautiful yard if you don’t want me to photograph it.

Enjoying it while it lasts

Never has sixty degrees Fahrenheit felt so glorious.