Blue sky as canvas

Not as spectacular as the trees in DC, but you will not hear me complaining.

Signs of life

Of all the words she could refuse to say, she had to choose this one.

Official bubble season

The neighbors must have thought it was raining bubbles.

What the kid dragged in

Look what she found in the yard.

Winter hair

If my children’s hair were a tree.

The lion ate the lamb

Someone had best knock that groundhog upside the head.

The first of who knows how many

“Because we live in Utah” is now my standard explanation when anything goes wrong.

Look at the stars

All yellow.


Just your average shot of a budding tree. But damn, if this isn’t my favorite time of year to head outside with the camera. So much color and texture everywhere. And pollen and dust and sneezing and watery eyes and if I scratch my itchy nose one more time it will have no choice but [...]


Some bright color to start the month off with a roar (which is the noise that comes out of my face when ever I read the word “sunnies”). White blazer: H&M (similar here) White blouse: Thrifted Neon skirt: ASOS Clutch: ASOS Sunnies: ASOS Cage ring: ASOS Essie nail polish: Bangle Jangle Lipstick: MAC Impassioned (You [...]