Uh, oh. As if we needed more drama up in here.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

An outfit ready for mimosas. And now that song is stuck in your head.

Mr. T

She pities the fool.

Black sweater dress

From the Ready To Wear portion of her closet, Cami brings us something a little more subdued.

Buckle Up

I want someone to turn that jacket into a Snuggie and wrap me up like a burrito.

Leather dress

At first I was going to say something about the colors here, that they look as delicious as a raspberry tart.


And the hate mail begins in three, two, one…

Purple trench

Looked like a purple people eater to me!

Bustin Red

I’m pretty sure she is standing in front of a church. One that isn’t Mormon. Pictorial proof that those actually exist here.

Fashion week!

“I’m going to New York tonight for the next five days for fashion week! This is a little preview of what I will be wearing.”