This is an actual disorder, MOM

Grandparents are the absolute worst, I tell you. Awful people, that lot.

Holiday for the Kids, 2014

If anyone gifts my 5-yr-old an object that makes or plays music, I will personally see to it that Santa takes a giant shit in their stocking.

For the kids

I suddenly looked up and, oh. Christmas is next week. Next week. Or, as Leta puts it, THE FARTHEST AWAY ANYTHING HAS EVER BEEN!

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.


Someone else isn’t excited for Spring at all.

Wobbly wooden castle

We probably should have stuck to the blueprints.

Sleep companions

There’s this moment when I’m getting Marlo ready for bed and I realize her puppy is no where to be found and oh, the scrambling.

Best sister ever

My marvelous first born, the big sister you always wanted.

For the Kids

I thought about getting them both socks for Christmas, but even I am not that mean. A collection of other ideas.

Over her credit line

Something tells me that this is not the first time Marlo will be using Leta’s credit card without Leta knowing about it.