Central Park South

I had about two seconds of free time when I was in New York on Monday and used that time to snap this quick shot right outside my hotel. This is on 59th street, the road that borders the south side of the park, looking east. That’s also the last mile of the marathon, and [...]

A brief pause

Yesterday afternoon I walked out of a building in Rockefeller Plaza to a car hired to take me to the airport in Newark. I’d been up since 5AM, and although I normally don’t notice the two-hour time difference I climbed inside and collapsed against the door. I could feel my body shutting down, starting with [...]

Utah Lake

I’m back in New York today (second time in two weeks), and I actually took this photo on the flight home last time as we flew over Utah County. That is not a lake you’d ever want to dip your toe in, but the green from the sky and the surrounding terrain look so much [...]

The line of the Wasatch

I flew back to Salt Lake City early yesterday morning. Really, really early. I left gorgeous weather in New York, and right now there’s about a foot of snow in the yard. This means that someone out there said, “There definitely won’t be another significant storm this year.” Out loud. And whoever you are, you [...]

Upside of conflict

Yesterday I flew out to New York for a couple of days to help out with a project that Every Mother Counts is working on. It’s something incredibly bold, and I can’t wait to share the final product with you. Yesterday at the airport in Salt Lake a man working the security line tried to [...]

On the beach at Bear Lake

Final photos from Amsterdam

I have finally finished uploading all the photos I took in Amsterdam to my flickr account, lo these four weeks later. I personally think these are some of the best photos I’ve ever taken, and I guess it didn’t hurt that the subject matter was so unbelievable that it practically took the pictures itself. You [...]