Land of ten thousand lakes

So much water for the three of us who are much more used to sagebrush and tumbleweeds.

In summer!

I really do hope that the title of this post gets that song stuck in your head.

My sad, dimpled water dog

Would you look at that face. Not even you could deny her every wish.

My mischievous, dimpled water dog

From now on we are taking a towel wherever we go.

The new water cooler

Get in your eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day while talking to yourself about the season finale of Downton.

My golden retriever

What? Don’t you play in water wearing your best Sunday dress?

Countertop adventures

I don’t think determination is a value I’m going to need to reinforce with this one.

Looking southwest

From here in the desert this looks like a mirage.

Water baby

You try saying no to those eyes. Not possible. Give up now.

Water dog

Leta loved the watercolor pencils that Leah brought up from San Diego, and in addition…