This here bringer of the pooper to the fun party

$25,000 Pyramid

Poorly constructed parking garages


“Meet The Parents” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Home improvement projects, especially those involving toggle bolts


Hardware stores with narrow aisles


The pharmacy at Sav-on on Wilshire

The last 8 minutes of “Trading Spaces”

Gwyneth Paltrow being asked to give her opinion on anything

Gold lam�

  • I’ll mix my gameshow references and take Things That Make Me Want To Open A Vein for $500, Alex.

  • inspiration for suicide.

  • BLAMB deserves 10 points for making fun of me. And yes, it is because I am dumb.

  • Things that make your dog unexpectedly poop?

  • Things That Make You Want To Kill People?

  • i prefer plinko. it is far less confusing. you just drop the chip, lean over, and wait…

  • kf

    What are Things That Make You Want to Blow Up The World and Start Over From Scratch?

  • Things that are doomed to failure.

    (Woo-hoo, dooce!)

  • (to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music):

    Avril Lavigne at the top of the charts again,
    Reverend Falwell and all of his minions,
    Selfish old women in huge Cadillacs,
    These are some things that I kick in the ass…

    Cell phone yellers,
    Trite bestsellers,
    When I’m feeling mad,
    I simply extend that big finger of mine,
    And then I can feel so fine.

    Which Sav-on on Wilshire? I know of three.

  • Michele

    Welcome back! Don’t ever leave us again! *sniffle*

  • things that you always think are going to be worthwhile but that actually make you sad.

  • Kate

    Things that should not exist?

  • Todd

    things that annoy to the point of homicide.

  • Things that make you go “Hmmm…(I shall shoot myself right this second.)”

  • Things That Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.

  • Potential disasters? Future terrorist bomb sites? Boredom made tangible?

  • brent

    guilty pleasures

  • Angelique

    …. things that make me re-evaluate my dosage of prozac.

  • pk

    Ben Affleck being allowed to ‘act’.

  • heather’s back! woohoo

  • The man who dances next to a poster of himself outside “Titanic” on the Venice boardwalk.

  • paige

    Things that make me grind my teeth.

  • glad to see you back.

  • glad to see you back as well.

  • Things that are overrated?

  • Just popped on over from Crunchy’s blog. There’s something about blogging that pulls you in like a riptide, n’est pas? Glad to see you’re back.

  • Monday mornings



  • I am intensely confused. Perhaps because it’s Monday morning, or perhaps just because I’m dumb. But is the list you have the list of clues for ONE category, or just a list of good categories for the pyramid? Or is Dooce just lettin’ us have it both ways? Have I thought about this too much?


  • And is it regular Pyramid or celebrity week with a bunch of daytime soap actors?

  • Things that grate on your nerves.

  • Things that piss you off? Things that are useless? Things that make you want to throw someone off a cliff in a sack?

  • pd

    Things you wish never happened?

    Welcome back! 🙂